Why bloggers aren’t responding to your emails

Imagine, you searched for hours, the perfect opportunity link for your site. When you finally find the holy grail.

So now you’re looking at write an email to contact the blogger, hoping for a positive response and making sure that they are willing to work with you.

Once the email is sent, you wait.

And you wait again and again.

But no response arrives in your inbox.

If you are a consultant SEOchances are you will face this dilemma dozens and dozens of times…

But why no response? You did the best you could and it looked so perfect.

here is the TOP 5 reasons why bloggers do not respond to your emails.

1- You need a better email/pitch

I agree this subject deserves another article dedicated to the perfect pitch to contact bloggers.

Let’s clarify the subject.

In 2017, most people who email bloggers, unfortunately, do so poorly. A huge tile without any customization is an example of a mistake not to make if you want to have a chance of getting an answer.

Get links that will benefit your brand takes time. If you automate your contact method, your response rate will drop drastically unless strong personalization is built directly into the automation.

Keep in mind that pitching a brand to a blogger is like convince a client, it’s a sale. You have to prove to the blogger that the link will add a true value to its audience and so that brings about different things.

Always include their name and be careful not to make any spelling mistakes.

There is of course no harm in contacting a blogger on Linkedin, Twitter or other social platforms. It is even advisable to follow the person in question on these platforms before even contacting them by email.

During your request, it is strongly recommended not only to mention his/her article but also to ask him/her what type of collaboration he/she wishes, in order to maximize your chances of responses.

Before sending an email, remember to check on the site of the person in question if he or she does not have a media KIT or press KIT. As a result, you can take inspiration from it and personalize your email even more.

2- Your brand goes against their ethics

Most influencers have spent years building their own online image and reputation that matches them.

To avoid wasting your time, research the person you are contacting.

A blogger shares his life online. Just skimming over his latest posts will tell you enough to know if he will be interested.

If you can’t decipher his posts, just be honest in your email.

3- You ask for Dofollow links

Asking for do-follow links seems risky for bloggers.

We all know that Google has warned bloggers, strongly urging them to reveal when a tested product is a promotion or not and the link should be nofollow. Although it is rare to be penalized for this, it is always risk.

This is the reason why it is difficult to get quality do-follow backlinks from bloggers. Because no one wants to risk being penalized by Google. The best way is then to offer to write guest posts. (internal link)

4- You expect a job without pay from them

In general, many bloggers do not respond to requests for backlinks because they see no reward. This is the important point that you will try to highlight.
Why you, your brand, your product rather than another? What value will you bring to readers?

IF you ask a blogger to write an article about your product in hopes of getting a backlink, then you are providing real value to either the blogger or the readers. The ideal being to satisfy both the blogger and the readers.

If you have a product, send them a copy to test.

If your project does not attract him, if your brand does not reflect his values, it will be difficult to convince him.

In addition, do not be too insistent with bloggers because they are often very followed on social networks and your email can be the subject of a tweet and therefore a bomb for your brand… the bad buzz…

5- Your project will not interest their readers

Like anyone working in digital marketing, bloggers are always looking for topics that will attract more readers and grow their audience.

Bloggers, especially the most influential ones, receive hundreds of emails every week for the same purpose. If yours does not stand out, you will certainly be ignored.

You can also have the right brand but the wrong project. If you’re reaching out to niche bloggers or found the blogger through competitor backlink analysis, then they’ve probably done something similar before.

Be direct, clear and concise but detailed when requesting collaboration.

The more information you give about your project, the more likely their response and the establishment of a lasting relationship will be.

To sum up

To have the right approach is only half the job…

Whether you contact a blogger for a backlink, write an article or any other request, research in advance is crucial. You absolutely must align your goals with those of the blogger.

If after several attempts, you find the right project, the right blogger and the right approach, congratulations! This will definitely materialize into a long and lasting relationship over time, and you can continue to work with this blogger on other projects. Make connections above all.