Top 9 best helpdesk software for 2022

Discover in this article, the best helpdesk software of the market.

To effectively manage customer requests, a company is often required to set up a dedicated service.

But to improve team performance and, in fact, the quality of customer relations, it is often essential to use helpdesk software.

What are the characteristics of this type of tool, why use one and which one to choose?

This is what we will discover together in the rest of this article.

What is helpdesk software?

A helpdesk softwarealso known as customer service management softwaremakes it possible to optimize the performance of customer service and the internal management of a company.

It also offers the possibility of centralizing all customer and employee requests to save time when processing and resolving problems.

Helpdesk software is able to capture requests from your customers, coming from different communication channels, such as telephone, chatbot, emails or social networks.

It is then able to organize them and then store them in a logical manner, based on their resolution status.

9 best helpdesk software on the market

Acquiring helpdesk software is a very interesting solution for improve the quality of your customer service.

But you still need to know which tool is best suited to your expectations.

Here is for you a list of the best helpdesk software on the market, to help you make the right decision.



Inasmuch as helpdesk softwareFreshdesk allows you to save time and improve the performance of your customer service thanks to innovative features.

Freshdesk notably offers the possibility of automating the sorting of tickets, based on recurring problems encountered by customers.

This allows teams to be much more responsive and efficient when responding to each request. Freshdesk also offers various analysis tools that allow the agent to self-evaluate, but also their superiors to see the improvements that can be made to the organization of their team.



Zendesk is one of the best helpdesk software market for several reasons.

In particular, it allows companies to personalize their customer service, thus allowing them to drastically improve the quality of the user experience.

Zendesk’s automated platform gives agents on your team the ability to effectively manage their queue and optimize teamwork.

Indeed, Zendesk promotes communication between different agents to facilitate the handling of various requests.

Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk allows you to centralize all customer requests, coming from social networks, contact forms, emails or chatbots.

Thanks to this helpdesk software, it is notably possible for agents to respond directly via the channel concerned, which significantly improves the customer experience.

It is also possible to integrate and personalize a database of answer elements, to allow customers to find the answers to their questions for themselves.


Particularly suitable for artisans, NGOs and micro-enterprises, this helpdesk software is easy to use and offers very interesting features.

Gorgias is compatible with most simple operating systems and business management software. Completely online, its users can access their data from anywhere and anytime.

More than just customer service software, this helpdesk software is also very useful for simplifying collaboration between different members of a company, to facilitate the exchange of information and teamwork.

Live Agent

LiveAgent is a very useful helpdesk software for centralizing and automating the sorting of received tickets.

All messages and comments generated by your customer service agents are sent from the same application.

This greatly facilitates the management of requests and improves the level of performance of your teams. Finally, note that LiveAgent also serves as live chat software, which represents a new asset for your customer service.

HubSpot Help Desk

Particularly known for its CRM, marketing and sales software, HubSpot also provides its users with comprehensive and efficient helpdesk software.

Usable both to improve internal processes and resolve questions relating to a company’s customers, HubSpot Help Desk allows, among other things, to manage tickets efficiently, create a knowledge base for customers and launch surveys of satisfaction.


Sprinklr is helpdesk software that uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to reduce customer waiting time for support requests.

This innovative functionality allows teams to benefit from a detailed analysis of customer requests, to respond more effectively to their problem.

Thanks to this significant advantage, many tasks can be automated and your customer service agents can benefit from significant time savings.


The Kayako helpdesk software allows you to benefit from several mailboxes, support dedicated to social networks and a chat to respond to all of your customers’ requests.

As a true collaborative tool, Kayako also offers you the possibility of sharing your work between several members of your teams to improve the productivity of your customer service.

It also offers relevant analysis tools to help you understand your customers’ recurring requests and possible ways to improve the user experience.


Just like Sprinklr, eDesk is helpdesk software based on artificial intelligence.

In particular, it makes it possible to collect different customer requests, then centralize them within a single platform.

eDesk also offers your agents the possibility of accessing a database on your products or services, to allow them to respond efficiently to any request in record time.

Artificial intelligence also offers response suggestions to help your agents improve their productivity.

eDesk is also equipped with a complete dashboard that allows you to consult various activity reports related to your customer service.

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Why use helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software is an essential tool for a business, for several reasons.

The first of these lies in the fact that this type of software allows you to centralize customer requests at any time, and from different platforms.

The use of helpdesk software also ensures the fast and effective treatment of all your customers’ requests, either through database functionality or by automating the redistribution of tickets to the agents best able to answer questions.

Finally, it is important to remember that customer service management is an essential success criterion for businesses.

It is therefore essential to equip yourself with the best tools to enable your teams to be productive and improve your relationship with your customers.

We hope that these tips on the 9 best helpdesk software will be useful to you. Make good use of it!