Top 7 Best Workflow Software

Project management is one of the essential aspects for a business.

It is from this that the performance of a company and its ability to carry out projects to ensure its growth arise.

However, managing a project involving several people, or even several teams, is not easy.

This is the reason why there are workflow softwareintended to automate the work process to improve team productivity.

Focus on these management tools that you will soon no longer be able to do without!

What is workflow software?

A workflow softwarealso known as workflow automation software, allows you to simply and effectively manage all of your teams’ processes to enable them to gain in productivity and competitiveness.

Thanks to certain additional functionalities, this type of tool also offers the possibility of analyzing the progress of a project and validating each stage, which thus limits the risk of malfunction within a production chain whatever whether.

7 Best Free Workflow Software

Because a workflow software must be considered as a real lever for growth within a company, it is important to choose it carefully.

To help you with this task, we have grouped together the 7 best workflow software on the market for you in the remainder of this article.


DocuWare presents itself as a modular and scalable EDM (Electronic Document Management) solution which also allows you to create automated workflows.

This tool offers turnkey cloud solutions that are fully customizable and capable of meeting the various constraints of a company’s teams (HR, purchasing, accounting, etc.).

Equipped with an AI-based indexing system, Docuware can also extract useful information from certain documents and convert it into structured and searchable data online.


This workflow app has an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface that will delight users, whether beginners or experts.

Integrify offers the ability to create custom dashboards and quickly assign tasks to relevant team members.

Its little extra?

It allows you to customize your layout and add icons and graphics into your workflow to make it more attractive!


Heflow is considered BPM (Business Project Management) software.

It allows you to manage the organization of a company globally, both in terms of strategy and workflow optimization.

This tool allows you to design illustrative diagrams that can be stored in the cloud and therefore easily accessible.

Ideal for companies promoting collaborative work, Heflow allows authorized team members to modify documents, define management processes and assign tasks to other members.


Equipped with the best features on the market, notably thanks to its wide range of process models and graphic elements, Edrawmax is among the best workflow software of the market.

Her intuitive and simple interface to use, thanks to the drag and drop technique makes its daily use very pleasant and within everyone’s reach.

Note that Edrawmax also allows you to access 280 different types of diagrams, which makes it a first-choice tool for creating this type of element.


A tool designed to significantly improve teamwork and productivity within a company, Lucidchart provides several types of tables and diagrams to optimize workflows.

This tool differentiates itself from its competition by its ease of use and its various functionalities accessible, whatever the sector of activity.

With over 500 pre-built templates, Lucidchart gives you the flexibility to get started with one or design your own from scratch.


This software makes it easy to automate workflows, notably thanks to its workflow modeling functionality.

Flokzu is a very comprehensive tool, capable of supporting tasks, deadlines, tables or graphs.

Its little extra?

It has a form builder that gives you the ability to design forms with multiple fields and options with ease.

In addition, Flokzu offers a “to-do list” functionality, to allow you to organize yourself clearly and efficiently.


Workflow software ideal for managing and monitoring a team project, Kissflow offers the ability to design forms, detailed graphs, dashboards, customizable reports and illustrative diagrams in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this type of workflow software promotes collaborative work and teleworking, in particular thanks to particularly advanced functionalities.


To choose the right one workflow toolit is first of all important to take into consideration different criteria linked to the functionalities of the latter.

Make sure that these are both complete, able to meet your needs, but also within your reach in terms of technical handling.

To ensure effective workflow automation, this type of tool must present clear and repetitive process models.

It must also be able to follow the evolution of a project over time, in order to allow you to constantly improve the different workflows.

Your workflow software should also be able to integrate with other appswith the aim of guaranteeing the fluidity of the various activities and projects.

Finally, note that it is important to choose software with analytics functionality to help you improve your level of productivity and efficiency.

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Why use workflow software?

A workflow software can prove to be an ally of choice, particularly with regard to the automation of certain repetitive processes within a company (tasks with low added value).

This can allow your teams to focus on other actions more important to the growth of your business and thus gain competitiveness.

L’workflow automation also makes it possible to improve teamwork, in particular by offering a better capacity for communication and transmission of information within one or more teams, working together on a common project.

Finally, thanks to workflow software, it is possible to significantly save time and meet project delivery deadlines, thanks to precise monitoring over time and the optimal distribution of tasks within a team. .

This makes it a very valuable tool to ensure your business grows over time.

You now know all the features of workflow software.

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We hope this little information will help you quickly improve the automation of your workflows!

How can CRM software improve my company’s workflow?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can improve your business workflow by allowing you to centralize and manage all your customer and prospect information in one place. This can help you better understand your customers’ needs and preferences, as well as their purchasing history and purchasing journey.
A CRM software can also help you automate certain customer relationship management tasks, such as scheduling appointments, sending follow-up emails or managing telemarketing. This can save you time and allow you to focus on higher value tasks.