5 advantages of having touchscreen terminals in your business

Touchscreen terminals offer convenient way to sell your products, display useful information or make a promotion.

Here are five benefits you’ll see when adding touchscreen kiosks to your business.

1. Improves customer experience

In the “everything online” era, customers want product information at their fingertips.

Have touchscreen terminals in points of sale, museums, hospitality, etc. will improve the in-store experience for your customers.

Once your customer is connected to what your touchscreen kiosk is promoting, your engagement level will skyrocket and return visits will increase.

2. Reduce costs thanks to touchscreen terminals

Having a touchscreen kiosk that interacts with your customers can actually just reduce the number of salespeople you need.

You are also able to offer more services at a lower cost. For example, you would like to hire a tour guide for your museum or art gallery, but you cannot afford to hire someone full-time or even part-time.

A touchscreen terminal can be installed in the entrance hall with an interactive map containing information on the different key points to visit and how to get there.

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3. Improve sales

What company doesn’t want that?

Having a touchscreen terminal in store or at an event that is easily available and in strategic locations for your customers will allow you to reach more people (which in turn increases your potential to increase your sales).

The customer will also be satisfied since your touch terminal makes him win time allowing them to find information about products, prices, features, etc.

Picture this, your store is packed and your one salesperson can’t reach everyone fast enough.

With a touchscreen kiosk, a customer could make a purchase on the spot and not have to wait to speak to someone directly.

There is less chance that the customer will leave without making this purchase when the process is simplified.

It is also a great way to reduce the size of a queue to pay for items.

4. Collect customer reviews

Touchscreen kiosks are a great way to collect information about how your customers shop, what information they are looking for, or how many people participated in a contest or promotion (for example).

Another great option is to have a survey on your touch kiosk and collect feedback from your customers.

Not only will you gain valuable insight into your consumers, but you now have an email address to add to your email list, allowing you to continue the conversation with your customer long after they have left your store.

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5. Promote customer loyalty and increase satisfaction

Do you remember that customer who entered your store and bought something through your touchscreen terminal or those customers who played a competition at an event on your terminal?

These superb customer experiences will greatly increase their loyalty and satisfaction with your brand.

As you can see, touchscreen terminals have many advantages, whether in a business or at an event.