Livestorm: What is the webinar solution worth?

This may seem obvious and I think you already know this, but since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, businesses have had to adapt. It is difficult to survive when you do not change certain activities to do online. And the truth is that many businesses could probably find a lot of benefit in offering webinars.

With webinar, you can offer considerable added value to customers and create more personal connections, especially for B2B companies. In particular, business-to-business companies will find it of real use in helping them position themselves as thought leaders in the sector.

Either you are forced to comply with social distancing regulations or remote working is the nature of your online business, webinar is a great platform for every business organization to showcase their expertise in any field . But how can businesses create webinars and connect with audiences around the world? Well, you definitely need a powerful all-in-one webinar platform like Livestorm.

Livestorm Overview

Livestorm is a French webinar solution that helps businesses of all sizes create powerful video communication and engage with their audiences on a single platform. Livestorm offers many features such as live webinar, on-demand webinar, automated webinar, instant and scheduled meetings. Additionally, this software also has over 1,000 integrations with other popular software and apps.

When using Livestorm, you don’t need to install the software on your desktop as you can simply access it through your favorite browser. This makes Livestorm the perfect webinar platform for B2B with firewalls and restrictive security policies.

What are the features of Livestorm?

I can say without a doubt that Livestorm was built for marketers. This platform makes it easy for every marketer to do their job. It offers some of the best webinar tools available, including advanced features like marketing automation, which includes invitations, reminders and integrations, as well as advanced analytics. Let’s take a detailed look at the winning features Livestorm could offer your business.

Ease of use

If the software is too complex, businesses will spend unnecessary time trying to figure out how to use it. And the time wasted could have been better used for more important income-generating activities. Good news ! Livestorm has a very good interface and an intuitive design for its users. Even the first time, users will find the platform easy to navigate. This is one of the winning features worth mentioning because it will ultimately affect your experience while using the software itself. So, yes, Livestorm is definitely a user-friendly webinar solution that you should try.

browser-based Webinars
browser-based Webinars

Integration with popular tools and applications

The best webinar solutions should be integrated with some popular sales and marketing software. This helps ensure continuity of business operations. The best thing about Livestorm is that the platform offers integration with over 1000 popular software and apps for your business. For example, Livestorm integrates with popular CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce and many others.

Automated webinar

As I said before, I think Livestorm is designed for marketers to do their jobs easily. Not only does Livestorm have an excellent interface and integration with all popular marketing software, but it also offers automated webinars. What is an “automated webinar”?

Automated webinars can help you and your team nurture leads, sell products, or explain a feature or your offering like a product demo. This feature can definitely help you better engage with your customers right from their schedule, building your brand 24/7 as automated webinars are usually pre-recorded, edited and look like a LIVE event.

So how can Livestorm help you create your automated webinars? Well, to put it simply, you can easily create events, create participant registration forms with custom landing pages, and also set up reminders right inside the platform.

Interactive webinar

Whether it’s a pre-recorded webinar or a live webinar, you can host engaging online events with Livestorm and have built-in chat, polls, shared screens and documents as well as questions and answers. This could definitely make your webinar more interactive than ever! Isn’t that great?

Livestorm Meet

If you are also looking for a platform that can host meetings, Livestorm might also be the solution you are looking for. The platform offers Livestorm Meet for businesses to communicate with their audiences. Livestorm Meet is a browser-based online meeting software for sales calls, customer training, and other live online video meetings. Additionally, you can also share documents throughout the meeting.

Scheduled meeting

Livestorm also lets you easily create private online meetings by connecting your calendar events with Livestorm Meet. Yes, just connect the platform to your calendar when you want to conduct product demos, online coaching, customer training, online courses, etc.

Analysis and reporting functionality

Livestorm offers a powerful analytics feature that you can review after your webinar. You will be able to track sources. This means you can check the source of your attendees’ registrations from the UTM and referral link used by your registrants. You can also check the profile of each registrant on the platform once they have registered for the webinars. Additionally, you can also track the number of webinar participants and their statistics over time.


Other features

In addition to the classic webinar functions, Livestorm comes with other possibilities for interacting with participants. There is of course the possibility of discussing during the webinar but above all the possibility of offering Questions/Answers where participants can vote as well as surveys. Finally, it is possible to have co-hosts along the way if you want to add a little spontaneity.

Livestorm pricing

Livestorm offers 3 plans for its webinar solutions, namely the free basic plan, the Premium plan from €89/month and the Business plan. In addition to the webinar plan, Livestorm also offers 2 plans for Livingstorm Meet, which are Basic Meet and Premium Meet.

Livestorm pricing
Livestorm pricing


  • User-friendly webinar solution.
  • Created custom landing pages for the event registration form.
  • Integration with over 1000 popular software and applications.
  • Sending promotional emails and reminders for automated webinars.
  • Host engaging online events with built-in chat, polls, and Q&A features.
  • Analyze event performance with an advanced analytics dashboard.


The price is slightly higher compared to other webinar solutions. However, Livestorm offers a free basic plan for 10 participants, up to 20 minutes for their webinar solutions that few platforms offer. And on top of that, Livestorm Meet is FREE for you.

Our opinion in summary

Livestorm is a browser-based platform that allows teams to host their online events in one place to establish powerful video communication for your business and engage with your audience. As a holistic webinar and video communications solution, Livestorm can adapt to any type of event, whether meetings, webinars, conferences, online training courses, live interviews, podcast, product demonstrations and much more. If you are a B2B business and rely heavily on webinars and online meeting platform to generate leads, you better check out Livestorm and subscribe to their plan today!