what is the legal services platform worth?

Creating your own business can sometimes be a real obstacle course. The administrative and legal procedures are generally quite cumbersome and costly. Captain Contract wanted to provide a solution to these problems by creating a simple and affordable platform to meet the different needs, whether in terms of business creation, management or rights.

Presentation of Captain Contract

Very well positioned in the “legaltech” market, Captain Contract earns its place among the best online legal services. Created by Maxime and Philippe Wagner in 2013, it has more than 500,000 monthly visitors, a network of more than 100 lawyers and around fifty individuals determined to offer you the best possible legal experience.

The Captain Contract Legal platform offers companies support in all legal administrative formalities relating to the creation and management of the company. While most legal platforms do not have the capacity to provide legal advice, Captain Contract stands out and offers an online legal advice service thanks to its partnership with several professional lawyers.

Who is Captain Contract for?

Captain Contract offers a wide range of services as we will see below. They are primarily aimed at entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs but also human resources managers, salespeople and all professions likely to carry out contracts. The start-up is also a committed and caring team determined to help self-employed people and businesses wishing to delegate the legal part of their activities. The service guarantees quick and simplified procedures with an affordable price range.

Captain Contract strives to answer all the questions that an entrepreneur asks regarding online legal formalities: How to create your business online? How to choose the legal form of a company? How to write commercial, service and subcontracting contracts.

The rates

Prices vary greatly depending on the service(s) you need. That’s why we’ve summarized the prices for the main offers.

One of the most popular services is the creation of the SAS. As with most of its offers, Captain Contrat offers 3 different plans ranging from free to €289 excluding tax.

Captain Contract Rates
Captain Contract Rates

Types of services offered

The Captain Contract site offers a very comprehensive range of services, it covers all the basic legal services that a company needs from creation to closure. We can distinguish :

Create your company: Creating your business 100% online

After creating your business plan, it is now time to choose the most appropriate legal form for your future company. Whatever the scale of your future business: Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS), Limited Liability Company (SARL), Single-Personal Simplified Joint Stock Company (SASU), Limited Liability Company (EURL), Micro-enterprise, Sole proprietorship or even an e-commerce company. Captain Contract guarantees you reduced and efficient procedures that meet your expectations. You have the choice between following the simplified procedure online or if you prefer to discuss first, the company’s partner lawyers are there to support you.

Complete a short questionnaire and a few forms then Captain contract will take care of submitting your registration application online. The site offers a Premium service which allows you to create your business in 24 hours.

Write a contract: with models or tailor-made

When you subscribe to the subscription, the legal assistance platform gives you access to a contract generator: more than 50 contracts and standard documents, written by partner lawyers and unlimited customizable. If you have your website or your online store, it can help you write your legal notices, CGV and CGU.

For self-employed people, it serves as a legal platform for freelancers because the drafting of service contracts is also offered as well as commercial contracts. The list is long, moreover, the service can be personalized and the contract clauses can vary on a case-by-case basis.

If an entrepreneur wants a document custom-written by a lawyer, he can benefit from a community of around a hundred lawyers with connection within 24 hours, service delivered within 72 hours, and flat rates.

Managing your company and staff

Whether for recruitment, dismissal, the start of a collaboration, the termination of a collaboration, you need to trigger specific procedures according to the law in force. Don’t bother with paperwork anymore because Captain Contract is responsible for establishing CDD and CDI contracts, dismissal procedures, etc.
He also takes care of trademark registrations on your behalf, transfers of head office, transfers of shares or transfer of business assets. Because sometimes it happens that certain businesses close up shop, Captain Contrat takes care of the formalities to close his online company.

Legal support

Captain Contract has more than 100 partner lawyers and jurists ready to answer all your questions. Get support throughout your activity because they can handle all possible legal requests in the life of a business.
Legal support has 2 offers:

  • There Essential formula (€29.9/month): This is a daily support offer by subscription to have access to a lawyer, a generator of 50 contracts and personalized alerts.
  • There Premium formula (€249.9/month): This offer includes unlimited legal assistance with a dedicated lawyer to answer all questions by telephone and in writing within 2 working hours (compared to 1 working day for the Essential Option), proofreading legal and contractual documents by a lawyer, regular legal health checks of your company but also free consultations with a lawyer.

In addition, Captain Contract offers consulting and contract drafting services delivered by lawyers and paid on a fee-for-service basis, with price ranges ranging from €90 (consultation on the legal form for example) to several hundred euros ( commercial contracts, GDPR, transfer of business assets etc.)

The verdict

In a world where digital reigns supreme, it seems obvious that an online legal services platform like Captain Contrat is the solution to all our legal problems concerning business.

Delegating seems the best option for a company that wants to concentrate on its activity. Rated 4.3 by Review Verified by 360 users and 4.1 on Google by 269 customers, Captain Contrat meets all the requirements in terms of quality and support. Join these 10,000 satisfied customers. Visit CaptainContrat.com for the rest.

Frequently asked questions about Captain Contract

How does Captain Contract work?

Captain Contract is above all a network of more than 100 lawyers throughout France. Each expert specializes in a specific area of ​​business, corporate or social law.
The objective of Captain Contract is therefore to connect companies with the right lawyers according to their different needs.

How long does it take to get advice?

Once the company’s legal needs have been defined, Captain Contrat is responsible for appointing the ideal lawyer and putting you in touch. Then, the selected lawyer generally contacts you within 24 hours in order to analyze your problem and find a suitable solution.

For what types of needs can we call on Captain Contrat?

The areas of expertise offered by Captain Contract are quite broad and cover almost all the needs that a company may have during its life. Of course, the creation of your company is the number 1 service requested but there are many other offers offered by Captain Contrat. We can therefore also call on an expert to draft a commercial or service contract, create the general conditions of sale for a website, transfer a business, draft a contract for hiring permanent, fixed-term or freelance workers, etc.

What should I do if I have regular needs?

If you find yourself having more and more requests for legal needs, Captain Contrat also offers a legal support package. This allows you to ask all your questions to a legal expert dedicated to your business. You also have space to generate and personalize your documents.