Preeska: the search engine committed to a cleaner planet

Search engines are essential sites, in that they provide relevant answers to our many questions. In this fairly competitive universe, there is a site like no other. This one stands out from the others by its fairly ecological objectives. In a new genre, Preeska donates half of its income to associations that save the planet. Here is the complete update on this eco-responsible search engine.

Presentation Preeska

Above all, Preeska is a search engine that is committed to making its contribution to building a clean planet. Zero waste remains its main motivation. It was launched to provide, through its activity, a serious boost to environmental organizations. To achieve this goal, Preeska offers financing based on revenues from its commercial activity. It redistributes half of its income equitably to its partner associations.

Preeska search engine
Preeska search engine

The search engine dedicates the other half to the internal operating costs of the site, such as hosting costs, salaries, communication among others. Depending on the amount collected, Preeska is responsible for sending the same amount to each beneficiary at the end of the year.

To succeed in its mission, it places Internet users at the heart of its commercial strategy. Its income depends on the searches carried out on the site. The more visitors who come to submit their requests, the more Preeska fills its pot dedicated to financing associations. Indeed, it is the sponsored links that bring euros to the platform. Thus, without Internet users putting their money directly, they contribute to helping associations to preserve the planet.

How does it work ?

First, you need to download the Preeska extension and install it. Next, you will set Preeska as your default search engine. So, all your internet searches will go through Preeska.

Technically, Preeska uses Yahoo’s search feed which allows the user to access relevant results and at the same time generate revenue through the sponsored links present. The more searches there are, the more the collective prize pool increases. 50% of the profits are then donated to partner associations at the end of the year.

The associations benefiting from Preeska’s donations

In total, around ten environmental associations benefit from Preeska’s help. These are: No plastic in my sea, Recup et Gamelles, Océan sans Plastiques, Plastic Odyssey, Big’Up Cyclean. Réseau Compost Citoyen, Earth Wake, VRAC, Wings of the ocean and Bas les Pailles complete the list. Beyond this ecological mission that it has given itself, the search engine offers fairly relevant search results compared to other alternatives.

Preeska Associations
Preeska Associations

Why adopt Preeska as your search engine?

The reason is very simple. By using the Preeska search engine, you are making your contribution to cleaning up our planet. You don’t give anything physically, but your research brings significant profits to the platform. Your visit also allows you to access very informative information. You learn tips designed to give you eco-responsible reflexes.

Note that this is an extension compatible in particular with Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can choose Preeska as your default search engine. Just go to the Preeska website and install it directly. Then in the browser settings you select it as the main search engine.

Other features that can be found on Preeska

Through its Chrome extension, Preeska provides access to its colorful and ergonomic home page. The latter offers many customizable sections, such as news, wallpapers or even weather information among others. So, when opening a new tab, you have the possibility to follow, read or even personalize:

  • Very ecological tips intended to help you change your life, to adopt an eco-citizen mode;
  • News feeds that will allow you to strengthen your knowledge of ecology and the environment;
  • Customizable wallpapers whose aim is to make you aware of the beauty of nature, suffering because of waste;
  • Weather forecasts based on your geographic location;
  • Many programmable tasks, which you can however modify as you wish.

It is therefore a fairly complete search engine.

In summary

Preeska is a search engine, innovative with regard to the noble ecological objectives it has set for itself. The planet urgently needs to be cleaned of the waste that assail it from all sides. Choosing Preeska turns out to be an excellent alternative to Google, the reflex to adopt by everyone, for a better world where life is good.