8 tools to create a QR code

In this article, you will discover the best QR code generators free and paid.

The QR code is an essential element for marketing professionals.

A real window open to specific content, it is increasingly easy to use and saves time when accessing multimedia data.

But how to create a QR code quickly and simply?

This is what we invite you to discover in the rest of this article.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code (Quick Response code), or flashcode, is a graphic element that can be scanned using your mobile phone to access multimedia content.

Generally presented in the form of a small square filled with pixels resembling a barcode, it remains widely used in mobile marketing to quickly and easily access data.

Flash code is a practical and effective tool that has long been ignored by many marketing professionals.

However, ecological thinking and more recently health criteria have brought the QR code up to date.

It is found more and more often in restaurants and stores.

Simply scan the code using your mobile phone’s camera to access the content it links to.

8 best free QR code generators

If the QR code is a simple to use and particularly effective tool, you still need to know how to create one.

Do not panic !

We have put together a list of the 8 best tools for generate a free QR code.



Unitag is a free QR code generator very simple to use.

Simply enter the URL of certain websites or a post on a social network to obtain your flashcode.

It is possible to personalize the code, particularly in terms of its color, style and shape.

Finally, note that thanks to Unitag, you can also add your logo to the center of your QR Code.

QR Code Generator

qr code generator

This QR code generator has many features.

It can, for example, create a code that links to a URL, a simple text, a business card, an email, an SMS, a PDF document, an MP3 file or even a WiFi code.

At the same time, QR Code Generator also allows you to link to an application to download or to image galleries.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to fully personalize your QR Code so that it adapts to the design of your media.

Finally, note that there is a free version of this tool to allow you to test all of its features in detail.

QR Code Monkey

qr code monkey

QR Code Monkey allows you to create QR codes capable of redirecting to a URL, a text, an email, a telephone, an SMS, a Mecard or a vCard.

Thanks to this generator, you will be able to create a fully customizable QR codefrom the colors to the background image, including the shape of the marker outlines and the size of the barcode.

Several recording formats are available and you will also find an “inspiration” tab that is particularly useful if you want to design a pretty QRcode.

Although this generator appears to be a very complete tool, it does not allow you to make a color gradient when personalizing your code.

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The Shopify QR code generator is a fairly basic tool, but very useful.

It allows you to create a QR code capable of redirecting to a telephone number, a simple text or even a URL.

Note, however, that to use this tool, you do not necessarily need to have a Shopify account.

However, you will be asked to enter an email address to be able to use this service.

QR Tiger

This QR code generator is used by Samsung and Universal.

Very complete and quite simple to use, it allows you to create QR codes fully customizable, capable of sending numerous multimedia files and easy to integrate into a CRM.

QR Tiger exists in a free version as well as a paid version.

Free QR Code

Free QR Code is a generator known for creating QR codes in batches of 100.

It offers a customization feature and is particularly useful if you have a lot of flashcodes to create at once.

It saves time by automating the process. On the other hand, this QR code generator is only available in a paid version.

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QR Stuff

QR Stuff is a QR code generator software which has many features.

You can, among other things, create a permanent, functional and ad-free QR code.

QR Stuff is available in a free version, but you will only be able to access the customization features by selecting the paid version.

Zebra QR

This QR code generator specializes in creating flashcodes dedicated to restaurants.

Indeed, thanks to this tool, it is possible to create a QR code and a digital menu from the same interface. The little extra for restaurateurs?

Zebra QR allows you to organize menu items into categories for better readability.

Finally, note that this QR code generator is available in both a free version and a paid version.

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To create a free QR code, you will have no other choice than to use one of the software that we previously mentioned in this article.

However, before using one of these tools, you will first need to follow several steps.

Start, for example, with determine the landing page or the media your code will link to.

Once done, you will need to determine whether you wish to personalize your QR code or not.

Likewise, check that the format in which you can export your code is compatible with the location you want to assign to it.

This criterion can differ drastically depending on whether you want to place your code on your website or printed communication media, for example.

These elements will allow you to more easily choose the QR code generator best suited to your needs from the list that we presented to you upstream.

You now know all the characteristics of the best QR code generators.

We hope this will allow you to make the right choice to carry out your project!