6 Best Reservation Software for Making Appointments Online

For SMEs as well as large companies or independents, manage your appointment schedule can sometimes turn out to be chaotic if you do not use a complete management solution.

Before losing productivity, it is therefore often necessary to choose online reservation software to help you on a daily basis.

But how to select the best solution among all those available on the market?

This is what we will discover together in the rest of this article.

What is reservation software?

A true digital secretary that allows you to manage your reservations and appointments in a clear and precise manner, this type of software makes it easier to manage your daily administrative tasks.

Equipped with several options and functionalities, this type of tool offers the possibility of optimizing your time, in order to boost your productivity and that of your teams.

This type of management software can be used by different sectors of activity, including hotels, airlines, healthcare professionals, etc.

Small businesses or start-ups who also need to organize their appointment schedule to improve their sales productivity can also use these solutions.

To best meet these various needs, there are several types of software on the market, all with specific functionalities.

Among them, we find in particular the possibility of synchronizing a calendar, in order to optimize users’ schedules and only present to customers the slots that are actually available.

Online reservation software can also allow you to manage your customers automatically, in particular by sending letters and appointment reminders.

Finally, most online appointment scheduling software offers the possibility of being integrated into different compatible platforms (CMS, social networks) to facilitate their daily use.

Top 6 best online booking software

Depending on your needs and your sector of activity, you will have the choice between different types of online reservation software.

Here are 6 of the most effective on the market.


Simplybook.me is one of the best reservation software of the moment.

It presents various features capable of adapting to different sectors of activity.

This tool can also integrate with several platforms, such as a website or social networks, for example.

Simplybook.me provides various additional options, such as reminders, or the possibility for customers to leave their opinion or comments to the company.

Please note, however, that to benefit from these various features, you will need to opt for the premium offer, the price of which is around $60 per month.


Planyo offers an ergonomic interface, easy to use and perfectly adapted to the different needs of businesses, whatever their field of activity.

This tool can easily be integrated into different platforms, such as a WordPress-type CMS or one of its alternatives or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

This online reservation software is very intuitive and allows you to optimize the completion of several tasks.

The premium version of Planyo (Planyo-Pro) is available from around €21 per month.

Please note, however, that there is a free, no-obligation 30-day trial period if you want to test this tool before purchasing it.


Timify is a complete online reservation software and easy to use.

It offers different basic and essential options for professionals who want to optimize their tasks.

In addition, Timify offers many free features, such as the calendar, reservation modules, online payment or customer relationship management.

The paid versions of this online appointment scheduling software offer access to various additional features.

The Premium offer, for example, is ideal for SMEs and requires paying around €25 per month.

Finally, note that there is a business offer allowing you to obtain a very complete tool and the price of which is around €40 per month.


From best online booking softwareBookeo appears to be one of the essentials on the market.

This versatile and particularly easy-to-use tool allows customers to reserve time slots at any time and from any medium (computer, mobile, etc.).

This tool can also be linked to a website, since it is compatible with sites like WordPress, Wix or Weebly.

To benefit from the advantages of Bookeo, note that you will have to pay around €11 per month.


MyRezApp is a online reservation software first choice.

This application offers to manage professionals’ schedules, while integrating marketing tools, as well as customer monitoring.

It can be integrated into many sites like WordPress, Wix, etc. MyRezApp is available for free and offers fairly basic functionalities.

However, this tool does not offer special paid packages, as is the case with its competitors.

This application relies on tailor-made solutions, with the aim of meeting the specific needs of its customers.

The price of this software may therefore vary depending on the options you select.


A true virtual assistant, Yoplanning allows companies that use it to create different time slots and be able to place several clients there.

The interface of this software allows you to obtain perfect visibility of users’ schedules, particularly with regard to available or already reserved dates.

Users of this online reservation software can also personalize their calendar and integrate a payment solution.

Yoplanning prices vary depending on the features chosen, but be aware that the price can reach a maximum of €49 per month and has a 12-month commitment.

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To choose your online reservation softwareit is necessary to observe different selection criteria.

The first of these is its features.

Indeed, software developers in SaaS mode today are made up of different management modules to allow you to develop the tool best suited to your expectations.

Before choosing your online reservation software, be sure to determine if you want the development of your schedule to be done automatically or if you want your customers to be able to add comments to their reservation, for example.

The second essential criterion to take into consideration is linked to the ease of use of the platform.

Indeed, we recommend that you choose a management solution whose interface is intuitive and can allow you to follow all your activities without any hassle (confirmations, appointment cancellations, complaints, etc.), particularly if you do not have not used to handling this type of tool.

Finally, to be sure to choose the software best suited to your expectations, do not hesitate to consult their prices.

In some cases, note that you will need to determine a monthly budget to use certain essential features of this management software.

We hope that this little information about the best reservation software will be useful to you. Make good use of it!

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Does CRM software include the online appointment booking function?

Many CRM solutions (customer relationship management) include the online appointment booking function. This feature allows customers to book appointments directly from your website or mobile app, without having to call or email.
This can be particularly useful for businesses that offer services with flexible hours, such as hair salons or doctor’s offices.
By using online appointment scheduling, you can also automate the sending of appointment reminders and availability change notifications, which can help you reduce no-shows and improve customer satisfaction. clients.