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Wimi is a project management tool that helps you stay organized and make teamwork more effective. As we’ll see in this review, Wimi goes beyond traditional project management software by allowing teams to track everything they’re working on.

Wimi features

Wimi is one of the best all-in-one collaboration and project management tools for businesses. It’s not just words, Wimi includes dedicated workspaces: file and hard drive sharing, task management, calendar sharing, instant messaging and video conferencing. And we will go through these features one by one.

Unified workspaces

First of all, again, Wimi is an all-in-one project management tool, which means that this software has the ability to provide you and your team with the functionality of a unified workspace to increase productivity. Thanks to unified workspaces, teamwork is centralized and all your activities are organized within shared projects. With a unified workspace, you can create your own workspace for all projects, tasks and activities. Your data is centralized and shared by your team, your customers and your partners.

Wimi Unified Workspace
Wimi Unified Workspace

The unified workspace feature supports online collaboration. This means that Wimi offers online collaboration to allow you to work smarter and more efficiently on your different projects. You can see who is online and the active team member will be displayed on the left side of the project workspace.

Task management

One of the advantages is that you can add other contributors to the workspace, either your internal team or external contributors, for example your customers, your suppliers. Thanks to this function, you can then assign tasks to each contributor and give them the role of accessing the document on which they must work. You can also set deadlines for them in the calendar.

And that’s not all. Wimi also provides a reader to help you and your team automatically sync all files stored in your Wimi to a folder on your own desktop. So you and your team can easily edit the document in the drive folder. Don’t worry, everyone will be notified by email if changes are made to the document in the shared folder.

Wimi Task Management
Wimi Task Management

Access rights management

You can secure and limit access to your company’s sensitive documents to only the appropriate user, staff or contributors with Wimi’s access rights management feature. When you download certain files, sensitive files for example, you can do it in seconds and then you can start organizing your files according to your needs. Go to “Folder and Access Rights Management” to choose who can have access to your files and folder. With this feature, you can set access rights for each team member or each client.

Team communication

Yes, Wimi is a project management tool that also supports collaboration for you and your team. You can communicate using chat channels, such as messaging channels, and direct messages for real-time interactions. Wimi also provides you with file sharing features to share files, links and images related to team activity. Additionally, their communication feature also includes the use of emoji, so you can express yourself. Sending the right emoji to congratulate your teammates can make your team feel good and appreciated when they accomplish their task.

Wimi Communication
Wimi Communication

Project schedule

Wimi’s project calendar feature can help you and your teammates create events, visualize key milestones and deadlines for each project. Planning everything so that everything is on track and the deadline isn’t missed is really important when you’re working on a big project. This life-saving feature can really improve the productivity of you and your team.

Wimi Calendar
Wimi Calendar

Videoconferencing and screen sharing

The Wimi AirTime feature will allow you to make audio or video calls and share screens directly from your browser. There is no need to install anything, just access it through your browser. To initiate a call, simply share your AirTime link with the participants you want to invite to an audio or video conference or screen sharing session. From your AirTime, you can invite the person of your choice to communicate. The person you invite does not need to have a Wimi or Wimi AirTime account.

Wimi Video Conferencing
Wimi Video Conferencing

Report functionality

The Wimi Reporting feature will help you see team performance, workload charts, and project progress data. Let me expand on this one by one. First, you can track your project activity using charts. Then, you will be able to analyze your team’s workload and obtain estimates on the completion of the project. Wimi can also help you visualize team performance in numbers. And all the reports you might need can be filtered by project and task category.

Wimi prices

The Wimi paid subscription plan starts at $15.00 per user per month for Team and $18.00 per user per month for Enterprise. If you need more features, and more users or more security, you can also contact their sales team directly for an armored plan for a personalized and better offer.

Wimi Price
Wimi Price

Wimi not only offers paid plans, but also a FREE subscription for you to try the basic function. If you are considering subscribing to their paid plan, you can also take advantage of their 14-day no-obligation trial period.

Advantages and disadvantages

After using Wimi for a while, my team and I weighed the pros and cons of using Wimi Teamworks.

The +

  • First of all, we like Wimi’s clean and intuitive interface. Everything is in its place. Even if Wimi is the first project management tool you try, it will be easy to navigate.
  • We also like their access rights management feature to limit certain users’ access to certain sensitive documents.
  • The unified workspace feature combined with task management and calendar to assign tasks and activities within our team works perfectly well. Indeed, everyone will be informed of their role and will be able to work without having too much face-to-face communication (which is a very important feature during this Covid-19 pandemic, where most of us are working remotely on our own House).
  • Personally, I also like Wimi Drive, which allows you to share your file within the team and access it directly from your desktop. It will be helpful to manage your document in the same folder.


When using Wimi, there are unfortunately a few points that taint the user experience:

  • First of all, I often receive many notification emails when someone modifies a file on the shared drive. So, in the end, my personal email will receive a lot of emails from Wimi. Even though I’m grateful for the notification, I feel like the notification is becoming spam.
  • All features work well, but there is a time when I want to download a (large size) file, it may be a bit slow or fail at the end. But there is no major problem.
  • Well, maybe about Wimi’s paid plan. I think $15.00 per user per month is considered expensive compared to other advanced project management tools like Monday.com for example, which may offer more features.

Alternatives to Wimi

In summary

All in all, Wimi Teamwork is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying all-in-one project management tools. With its ease of use and advanced features, it helps you and your team work on your project and improve your productivity. This tool is perfect for a beginner or expert and is ideal for a small team or mid-sized business. The only problem may be the subscription price which in my opinion is a bit expensive compared to other advances and offers more features.

Good news, you can try Wimi for free for 14 days or subscribe and take advantage of their free plan. But if you’re still looking for the best all-in-one project management tools, you might want to check out our list here!