¿Cuáles son las ventajas del régimen de autónomos?

Do you want to become a self-entrepreneur (renamed a micro-entrepreneur since 2016) but are you having trouble taking the plunge?

This article is made for you.

What is the micro-entrepreneur scheme

The micro-entrepreneur or auto-entrepreneur scheme is a scheme set up to simplify the life of entrepreneurs who want to start.

The micro-entrepreneur scheme makes it possible to carry out an entrepreneurial activity while benefiting from a simplified scheme of social security contributions and reduced taxes.

At this stage, you are probably wondering how to become a self-employed entrepreneur, which is why we suggest you follow the complete guide offered by Captain Contract.

To become an auto-entrepreneur, the steps are relatively simple and fast to achieve.

All you have to do is submit a declaration online on the auto-entrepreneur portal and follow the steps.

There are obviously imperatives to follow such as the creation of a bank account dedicated to your activity.

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What are the advantages of the self-employed scheme?

The auto-entrepreneur status allows you to benefit from many advantages when creating an activity.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Quick business start-up

Becoming an auto-entrepreneur requires far fewer formalities than when creating a company. Indeed, you can become a micro-entrepreneur in a few minutes by declaring your start of online activity. No need to write statutes or legal publicity.

Following this, the auto-entrepreneur will receive his SIRET number by mail within a few days.

Declare your income simply

The auto-entrepreneur benefits from a simplified tax return with only one document to be returned to the URSSAF either monthly or quarterly.

The declaration can be made directly online, to simplify the process even more.

The simplified social and tax system

One of the main advantages of the micro-entrepreneur regime is the very simplified social and tax regime. Indeed, the auto-entrepreneur is not subject to VAT and is exempt. He can’t get it back.

Concerning the social regime of the auto-entrepreneur, it is very advantageous also.

The payment of social contributions is made either monthly or quarterly and according to the turnover of the entrepreneur at a reduced rate. Social security contributions are due only if the self-employed person realizes turnover.

Simple accounting

The auto-entrepreneur is not subject to the same obligations as companies: he does not have to draw up annual accounts.

He must, however, keep a recipe book (daily and chronological record of receipts collected) and a register of purchases if it carries out an activity of sale of goods or provision of accommodation.

The possibility of carrying out several activities

Contrary to the classic system, the auto-entrepreneur has the possibility, in agreement with his employer, to exercise both the AE and salary activity.

The employer will have to provide written proof to protect the EA from any reversal of the situation and the activity carried out must not conflict with the paid activity.

Becoming a self-employed person therefore has many advantages, but beware, this type of plan is not suitable for all types of activity.

If you want to learn more about the subject, you can consult the auto-entrepreneur portal.