Unbounce:Full test, reviews and price

When you need to create langing pages quickly, you don’t always have the time or the means to call on developers. To remedy this problem, Unbounce is a solution that is almost unavoidable today. After many hours spent on this tool, I thought it might be time to present my opinion to you.

Unbounce Overview

Unbounce makes it easy to create high-performance landing pages. Thanks to its drag and drop method, a page can be created in just a few minutes.

The Unbounce platform is predestined for companies that want to edit and configure their own landing page. It has a composition interface on which is based a selection of predefined pages, essential functional options to bring out the attractive side of the page.

This online tool even offers to test the conversion rate of a web page. Unbounce allows you to analyze the performance of a page in order to improve it. As we made several models, it was natural to take the most effective. This feature of Unbounce was very useful for me to review certain essential points to increase the potential of converting a prospect into a customer.

Landing page templates designed to convert better

In the context of creating marketing pages, a template designates a predefined interface. In other words, it’s the background element when a web page opens. The template is used to accommodate the textual content, the redirection buttons and all the available functionalities that the landing page allows.

In practice, with this marketing tool, the user has the choice between several templates on which they will integrate the functional elements of their landing page.

With Unbounce, I initially selected a few basic templates. This is just to see the difference in conversion rate. Subsequently, I opted for more sophisticated designs. I was able to conclude that the success of a landing page relies entirely on the architecture and appearance of the template. Although it is possible to choose it at random, I believe that a background interface that displays a theme related to the company’s activity becomes more attractive.

A complete editor to create your landing page

Unbounce is primarily aimed at web development novices. For this, this publishing platform offers everything a landing page needs to convert its visitors. During a test, I started with a company without any particular knowledge in web development.

In the first creation phase, I select the template. The tool then presents several menus with which I can start customizing. Then, I define the different sections of the page which will accommodate the textual, visual and interactive elements. After that comes the insertion of images, logo and texts on each part. I even chose to integrate a video for optimal rendering.

When it comes to responsive buttons, I choose as much content as possible: a lightbox window, a custom form with a white paper, as well as a social media sharing option.

For those who are better versed in programming, Unbounce offers more landing page customization with HTML5 and CSS3 languages. Finally, the final rendering can be configured to suit mobile and fixed media.

A pop-up and sticky bar generator

Unbounce also includes marketing classics. Among the customizations available to the publishing company, the online tool offers a pop-up generator. This is a targeted marketing method that is activated when the mouse is hovered over an element or by a click. To fulfill its role, a pop-up must be captivating. Unbounce also supports us in developing this window. Like all other content, creating pop-ups is very easy. In terms of effectiveness, the platform also offers a test to assess the relevance of pop-ups.

Pop-ups go hand in hand with sticky bars. These display elements are comparable to the navigation bar, but conversely, the sticky bars remain visible even when scrolling down. In short, the sticky bar allows visitors to have the main menus of the site within their reach. Unbounce also allowed me to customize this essential part of the page.

The rates

The online tool Unbounce offers a one-month free trial to preview its features. Then, 3 options are available to you:

  • Essential : Accessible at a competitive price of $79 per month, it includes the basics of creating a successful landing page. However, the choice of customization is quite limited. In stock, the user only has 75 predefined landing page templates, 8 sticky bar and pop-up generator designs.
  • Premium : For $159 per month, the premium plan offers approximately double the features of the basic plan.
  • Business : Includes all the features. At $399 per month, this more professional version offers more templates, conversion elements and even a tool to evaluate the conversion rate of a landing page.

The pros and cons


  • Pages can be created and published very quickly
  • It’s easy to create a variation of a page for testing
  • Excellent templates and external sources like ThemeForest
  • Highly customizable
  • The LandingPage builder is intuitive and easy to use


  • It is not possible to add custom classes to buttons, so you have to modify them in HTML
  • Only in English

The best alternatives to Unbounce

In summary

In addition to a large selection of templates, Unbounce offers a wide range of features that are actually useful. Landing page editing is child’s play and requires no particular technical skills. The solution ultimately offers all the essential ingredients of a successful landing page. What makes the difference compared to other landing page creation tools is that all the elements have been studied to maximize conversion rates in order to make your campaigns profitable. Look no further, Unbounce is the benchmark in its field!

If you have also tested the solution, do not hesitate to comment and give your opinion

Final note