Top 8 professional email signature generators

Often ignored by members of a company, the email signature remains an essential element to put in place to ensure the visibility of your brand in your messaging.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to design a signature that is both aesthetic and effective in terms of marketing without the required computer knowledge.

This is the reason why using a professional email signature generator can prove to be an optimal solution to solve this problem.

What is an email signature generator?

A email signature generator is a tool that allows you to design signatures that are both effective in terms of marketing and elegant, to be placed at the end of your professional emails.

Thanks to the different designs offered by this type of solution, you have the possibility of creating fully personalized and good quality email signatures, with, for example, different fonts, images and icons for your social networks.

8 Best Professional Email Signature Generators

On the market, there are different professional email signature generators that offer different features.

We have therefore grouped together the 8 best of them for you to help you make the best possible choice.

Hubspot Email Signature Generator

As usual, Hubspot offers an intuitive and particularly effective digital tool.

Already recognized for its powerful CRM, Hubspot also allows you to design, in just a few minutes, a personalized and aesthetic email signature.

You can choose from the 6 different layout models offered in the library and place the essential elements of your signature step by step.

Its little extra?

You can add a CTA (call to action) under each of your creations to redirect your interlocutor to a page on your website.

All this completely free! What more ?


BoostMyMail is among the best email signature generators for different reasons.

This is a French SaaS solution which allows you to centralize the management of the signatures of all of a company’s employees, thanks to an HTML generator system.

This functionality notably offers the possibility of creating a customizable HTML signature, from certain pre-recorded models.

By choosing the monthly subscription plan, you can benefit from the functionality of managing the signatures of all your employees within a single platform. was previously known as ZIPPYSIG.

It is a powerful signature creation tool, based on 40 free templates.

Naturally, you can also design a completely personalized design thanks to the various features offered by the site. is very simple to use, since you just need to replace the data in the templates with your own information, then install your signature with a simple copy and paste into your mailbox.

Note, however, that in its free version, includes a “create your own signature” border on your element, but you can easily remove it when integrating the element into your email. is completely free and offers 6 HTML templates which cannot, however, integrate images.

This is simple-to-use software that perfectly fulfills the basic functions expected of this type of tool.

In addition, this very easy-to-use signature creation solution allows you to integrate legal notices under each of your signatures to make them more easily accessible to your customers.


To use the WiseStamp email signature generator, you will need to create an account to choose between the two free templates offered.

It is a simple to use tool, with a particularly ergonomic interface.

Note that WiseStamp differentiates itself from its competition by offering the possibility of adding a link to the latest blog article published on your site and present within your RSS feed.

Signature is perfect if you are not very comfortable with software.

This solution is very easy to use and allows you to design email signatures that you can easily copy and paste into your mailbox.

In addition, offers a very interesting free version, since it allows you to edit your signature for 30 days and use it for an unlimited period of time.

Signature Maker

Signature Maker differentiates itself from other email signature generators with its 41 templates available in its library.

Ideal for beginners, it allows users to create free signatures compatible with different mailboxes such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook 365, Thunderbird, Gmail, Exchange Server or Exchange Online.

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Available in a free version and a paid version, MySignature offers the possibility of designing email signatures using 5 basic, but completely intuitive and effective, models.

The interface of this solution is fluid and ergonomic and allows easy access to all information in a simple and intuitive way.

All you have to do is follow the different steps to create your signature in no time.

Several fields to fill are available, such as company name, position held, website, email address, telephone number, etc.

Its little extra?

You can add an image without having to crop it first and place your social network links with ease!

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Why use a professional email signature generator?

There signing a professional email is more than just a visual element.

This is a real communication tool For Your Business.

This is why it is essential to use a signature generator, which will allow you to design an effective and stylish element to generate qualified leads directly via your mailbox.

Also note that an email signature allows you to highlight your brand image within your email and bring more professionalism to your message, while making an impact on the minds of your interlocutors.

Finally, certain signature generators make it possible to standardize signatures for all members of a company to speak with the same voice to their various interlocutors.

This criterion is particularly important if several employees of the same company have to communicate with one and the same customer.

The latter can then easily identify the company with which he is in contact, even if the interlocutors are different.

Now you know the best email signature generators on the market and why it’s important to trust them. All you have to do is make your choice!