Top 11 Best Business and Brand Name Generators

Discover in this article, the best business name generators and brand to quickly develop your future project.

Finding a business name is a crucial phase when starting out on the web.

A true guarantor of brand identity, the name is an essential marketing and commercial criterion. This is why, for a company, it is very important to take the time to define it well.

To help you with this task, there are various free tools, such as business name generators, for example.

Let’s discover together the advantages of this concept and which are the best generators currently available on the market.

What is a business name generator?

A business name generator is an online tool that allows you to generate several hundred names for a company, based on previously defined keywords. This type of tool is also well suited for creating a showcase site, an online store or a personal blog.

This type of generator is very useful in helping you come up with a catchy name for your business, but can also be used as simple inspiration.

Some tips for choosing a relevant business name

Be creative and original. There are a plethora of companies in the world, so it is important for your strategy to choose a name that stands out.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce. Your customers should be able to easily remember your name and pronounce it correctly.

Choose a name that is relevant to your industry. Your name should reflect the type of business you are and the products or services you offer.

Choose a name that is available as a domain name. Your name must be available as a domain name, i.e. as a web address.

Choose a name that is positive and engaging. Your name should create a good first impression and encourage customers to learn more about your business.

Top 11 Best Business Name Generators

Do you want to use a business or brand name generator, but you don’t know which one to choose?

Here are the best business name generators to help you define your company name with ease.

This business name generator is very new on the market.

It offers easy-to-use and very intuitive features.

All you have to do is enter the main keyword for your business and will list nearly 180 original and creative names for you to use to name your business.



Namelix is ​​one of best brand name generators or for business.

The operation is very simple, you answer a few questions such as your main keywords, the type of name you like (short, long, branded, original, etc.) and then Namelix offers you hundreds of brand names and logos that match your search.

It’s a great tool that allows you to get a lot of inspiration to save a lot of time during your research.

Cool Name Ideas

business name generator

Cool Name Ideas is a tool for finding a very complete and very precise brand name.

In addition to a main keyword, this business name generator will also ask you to provide various information about your business, including a description of its business or the benefits it offers to its customers, for example .

Depending on your answers, Cool Name Ideas will be able to offer you the company name best suited to your expectations, while ensuring its availability as a domain name.


Bustaname can not only help you choose an original name for your brand, but also determine if it is relevant to your business and available for purchase as a domain name.

Simply enter the different keywords that define your company in the business name generator to benefit from the algorithm’s multiple suggestions and make your choice.

Bustaname also allows you to indicate your preferred extensions (.fr, .com, .org) and thus choose the domain name closest to your sector of activity and in correlation with the name of your company


Just one more business name generatorPanabee is a real domain name and company name search engine.

Based on artificial intelligence, this tool allows you to obtain different expressions related to your activity. Panabee is very easy to use and is also able to provide you with domain names both international and linked to your home country.

Its little extra?

It allows you to check if the company name you have chosen is available on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for example.


Among the best business name generators, Nameboy is a must-have.

Depending on one or more keywords, this completely free tool is able to offer you an evocative and creative name.

Very simple to use, it offers you the possibility of studying numerous expressions linked to your keywords, as well as several synonyms to maximize your chances of finding the right name for your company.


LeanDomainSearch is a very powerful generator, capable of offering you hundreds of variations of your keyword or key expression.

Particularly useful for finding inspiration, it is very simple to use. Only small drawback: this tool is entirely in English. However, nothing stops you from finding inspiration through LeanDomainSearch and then adapting your brand name to your language!


Wordoid is a business name generator in English.

However, you can choose another language, including French, to determine your business name.

Wordoid offers the possibility of personalizing the search, in particular by adjusting the quality level of the wording and establishing certain rules (words to be used imperatively, length, etc.).


More than a CMS, Shopify also offers you the possibility of using its business name generator to define your brand identity.

This tool offers you thousands of names, associated with domains available for sale.

This can allow you to find the name of your company and open your website almost immediately, thanks in particular to the power of this renowned e-commerce platform.


Oberlo is an online business name generator that can provide many name ideas for your company.

As with other tools, simply enter a main keyword to discover a list of name suggestions defined by the algorithm.

Thanks to Oberlo, you can also refine your search by adding additional characteristics to your keyword, in order to obtain search results more in line with your expectations and your sector of activity.

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This business name generator uses artificial intelligence to develop the most relevant listing based on the keyword entered.

Along with this, Zyro also gives you the option to design your logo and website in the same way.

An ideal tool to get started, especially if you are short on time and budget!

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Why use a generator to find a brand name?

A brand name generator can be an interesting tool to use in several scenarios.

It can all on board allow companies to give ideas and to enable the analysis of keywords linked to their activity.

business name generators

So, whether you decide to choose a name directly from the list proposed by the generator, or whether you want to use it to think of new word associations, this type of tool remains very effective.

A generator is also very useful for determine which business names are already in use by competitors. Finally, this tool offers you the possibility of check the availability of a domain namewhich remains an essential step to then be able to quickly build your website.

You now know the characteristics of the best brand name generators on the market. We hope that this little information will be useful to you!