Top 10 best gantt software for project management

Discover in this article the best gantt software of the market.

When talking about project management, it is almost unthinkable not to mention the Gantt chart.

This planning tool is one of the essential tools for ensuring the productivity and performance of the teams in charge of a project within a company.

To use it effectively, there are different Gantt software in the market.

But how do you know which one to choose and what are its characteristics?

This is what we will discover together in the rest of this article.

What is Gantt software?

A Gantt software is a tool that facilitates project management within a company. It is generally based on the Gantt chart which is similar to a table allowing you to effectively break down tasks over a given period.

This project planning and management tool was designed in 1910 by Henry Gantt, mechanical engineer and management consultant.

Its configuration allows you to clearly observe the tasks in progress and the progress of the overall project.

In addition to making it possible to precisely monitor the progress of work, the use of a Gantt chart also offers the possibility of optimizing and coordinating current actions.

This type of planning tool also helps improve collaboration between members of a project management team, while improving its level of productivity.

Top 10 best gantt software

On the market, there are several software based on Gantt chart.

We have selected the 10 best for you to enable you to significantly improve your project management performance. is one of the best Gantt software on the market.

It allows you to easily create diagrams thanks to its fun and ergonomic interface.

Thanks to its features dedicated to customization, you can define the essential fields of your diagram and visualize the progress of your project in different ways.

On top of that, gives you the ability to automate your workflows and use 200+ project management templates to improve the productivity of your project management team.



Lucidchart is project management software specializing in creating charts and Gantt charts. Completely online, this software allows you to design a diagram using several already saved models, which you simply need to choose according to the size of your project and your needs.

Afterwards, you will be able to fully customize your table, especially with regard to formatting and colors.

More than a classic Gantt software, Lucidchart appears as a true collaborative tool, where members of your team can easily exchange, comment on or share the diagram.


trello collaborative work

Trello is particularly known for its collaborative aspect.

But thanks to its “Power-Up Elegantt” extension, this task management software also offers you the possibility of designing a Gantt chart online and completely free.

To use this tool, you will nevertheless need to already have a Trello account and have already created the cards dedicated to this project.

Subsequently, once the extension has been installed, the Gantt chart will be designed automatically, according to the data you have indicated.


Wrike is a excellent Gantt software which stands out thanks to its excellent organizational structure.

This tool comes in the form of a fairly easy to read table, which presents tasks and due dates in a clear and concise manner.

Wrike also allows you to analyze the performance and responsibilities of your employees in detail.

A true collaborative tool, it also helps improve communication within a team and clearly visualize the progress of each member’s tasks.


Bitrix24 is initially a CRM platform, offering project management functionality based on the Gantt chart.

This platform is quite simple to use and allows you to have an overall vision of the progress of a project.

The advantage of Bitrix24 lies mainly in its 6 formulas, adapted to different types of projects.

From the free version to the most detailed version, you will inevitably find the plan that best suits your needs and your budget.


If you use Google Calendar, Ganttplanner is the Gantt software for you.

Using this tool, you will be able to import your calendar data directly into the diagram, within which you can then make the necessary changes.

Ganttplanner offers a 30-day trial version.

Subsequently, you will need to choose between several subscription plans adapted to the size of your business and your expectations.


This Gantt software offers an easy-to-use interface based on the “drag and drop” principle.

Instagantt has many powerful features and also allows you to break down tasks into subtasks to allow you to manage the progress of your project with more precision.


Smartsheet is Gantt software available online.

As a true professional project management tool, it is particularly recommended for business planning.

Thanks to its various templates, including the Gantt chart, Smartsheet makes it easy to enter your project data and examine the progress of tasks.

This planning tool also offers numerous automation features to allow you to significantly improve your productivity.


Among the best online Gantt software, GanttPRO is a particularly powerful tool.

Its different Gantt chart templates will allow you to save valuable time in managing your project, while offering you the possibility of creating several workspaces and customizing them using the “drag and drop” function.


Ideal for small businesses Proofhub is Gantt software that combines relevant features with ease of use.

With this scheduling tool, you will be able to manage tasks, track your schedule and generate comprehensive reports with ease.

Proofhub offers different subscriptions that you can choose from depending on the size of your business and your needs.

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A Gantt software represents many advantages for improving a company’s project management.

To choose the right one, we recommend that you first analyze your company’s situation in terms of project management.

This will allow you to select Gantt software based on their features.

There size of your teams is also a crucial factor in the choice of this type of tool, just like the other tools you use in the daily management of your business (Google Calendar, Trello, etc.). Be sure to choose Gantt software with the adequate integration capabilities.

Finally, make sure to define a budget in advance to allocate to your project management. This will allow you to choose the plans best suited to your needs and your wallet.

You now know the characteristics of the best Gantt software on the market. We hope this will help you make the right choice!