The 15 best books on digital marketing

When you look for books on web marketing, you find anything and everything. Digital marketing is in fact a very broad theme which brings together many specialties and it sometimes happens that certain books are written by authors who are not necessarily recognized as experts in their field. Trying to be as objective as possible, I wanted to bring together in this article the best books on digital marketing.

1. Digital marketing 2020

Comprising more than 500 pages, this book is devoted to digital marketing in all its forms. The book is organized into 7 thematic chapters which clearly explain the essentials of digital. On the program, readers will be able to find all the new market trends as well as key figures. In addition, the book also includes innovative and interesting campaigns as well as advice from experts on digital issues. Additionally, the learning is progressive so that readers learn step by step and gradually, from research to customer relations to voice experience.

2. The big book of digital marketing

Currently, the digital world continues to expand and takes up a considerable place economically, sociologically and politically. To be able to break into the market, whatever the field, it is necessary, even essential, to use digital technology. This book informs readers about digital marketing trends as well as the fundamental principles to know. In addition, the book explains how to create a website and its content, how to reference it and above all how to attract visitors. With the help of this book, readers will be able to easily develop their brand image on social media.

3. Webmarketing – Define, put into practice and optimize your digital strategy

Surely the most complete book on web marketing. With 700 pages, this guide by Guillaume Eouzan and his team covers almost all the themes you need to know to implement your digital strategy. From the construction of the communication plan, to referencing, including AdWords campaigns, engagement on social networks, e-reputation management and even affiliation, we have all the essential knowledge here.
Aiming to be accessible to all and focused on practice, it has numerous methodologies, tips and toolboxes as well as feedback from the authors.

4. Inbound Marketing – Attract, conquer and delight customers in the digital age

If you don’t yet know about Inbound Marketing, then you will fall under the spell of this marketing method which aims to be non-intrusive. Focused above all on the customer, this new approach is based on all the interactions that will attract visitors to a site and transform them into customers. This book by Stéphane Truphème, a specialist in the field, will allow you to better understand this method and especially how to implement it in practice thanks to numerous examples.

5. Storytelling in marketing

Former head of direct marketing at Yahoo, Seth Godin is widely considered the “guru” of permission marketing. In this work, the author gives us the secrets of storytelling in order to engage the customer, from the meeting to the act of purchase. The objective is above all not to talk about you but about him by telling a story where all the attention is focused on the customer by creating a real user experience. Even if the book is not very technical, it nonetheless remains a reference for understanding why certain products are all the rage while others are failures.

6. Succeed in your web referencing: 2020-2021 Edition

Olivier Andrieu, one of the greatest SEO experts in France, releases almost every year what can be considered “the bible” of SEO. This book allows you to understand how search engines work, to know the SEO criteria and above all to implement all good practices. From netlinking to content and the structure of your site, all techniques are covered with of course the latest trends. With SEO evolving at a very high speed, this book is essential for those who understand the benefit of implementing an SEO strategy at the heart of marketing.

7. The Instagram guide

Instagram is a social network that is gaining more and more momentum in today’s world, particularly for businesses that want to make themselves known. “The Instagram Guide” was designed to help readers increase their popularity on this social network. Through this work, the author guides readers on how to create a professional account and optimize their profile. Readers will also learn how to create engaging content, whether posts, stories or videos. The book includes more than thirty files describing testimonials and feedback from well-known entrepreneurs.

8. Social selling – Using social networks to sell

Social media specialist, Sophie Attia wrote this book on Social selling which has quickly become a reference in digital marketing. Considering social networks as a commercial asset is the very principle of Social Selling. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin are today levers to include in your strategy in order to prospect and retain customers, whether in BtoC or BtoB. This guide has the advantage of offering a simple method and techniques that everyone can use thanks to concrete examples.

9. The sponsored links guide

Written by Florian Marlin, Web Marketing expert, this book dedicated to sponsored links is a reference on Google Adwords. Through 15 chapters, the book teaches you step by step how to configure your campaigns from targeting to analyzing results through ad optimization. Very educational, the author’s simple explanations allow learning in an accessible manner in order to master all facets of paid referencing even for less technical profiles.

10. Write well for the web

In the world of web marketing, everyone agrees that content is KING. In this book, Isabelle Canivet proposes the best methodology to adopt for an effective content strategy both to engage the user but also to improve SEO on Google. Through 730 illustrated pages, all themes are covered such as information architecture, web writing, content strategy and even SEO. This work remains the reference regarding web content thanks to a 4th edition updated with the latest best practices.

11. The digital marketing toolbox

A second book by Stéphane Truphène in this list, this time with a more general work. Indeed, as its name suggests, this practical book presents an overview of 60 tools and methods used by web marketers to stand out on the web. The advantage of this guide is that it remains very concise, presenting each tool on 2 or 4 pages with diagrams so that you always have it at hand when looking for a solution. Finally, the practical scenarios and cases are very useful for contextualizing the tools.

12. Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking makes it possible to effectively boost the digital presence of any company using new techniques. This book teaches in 8 weeks all the knowledge necessary to obtain significantly faster growth using intelligent means. Through a progressive program, the reader will discover how to generate traffic on the Web and differentiate yourself from your competitors. All the secrets of digital marketing can be found in one book.

13. Everyone can make their customers

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important in today’s modern world. “Everyone can build their own customers” is a book written by Christophe Menani which provides very comprehensive information on how to exploit digital marketing. Through this work, the author clearly explains how to choose the best tactics adapted to the context, the offer and the market. Indeed, the book constitutes a practical guide providing numerous advice. Readers will discover through this book the key points to remember as well as the pitfalls to avoid to open the doors to success.

14. Create an effective and profitable presence on the Internet

In the digital age, every company must have a presence on the Internet, the new key to modern marketing. This book allows you to learn how to optimize the use of this absolutely essential tool to make a difference and succeed. On the program: SEO on Google, popularity and accessibility on social networks, traffic analysis, communication with prospects and customers. All the secrets will be revealed in this concise and very visual book by Marion Giroudon.

15. Secrets of New Marketers

“The Secrets of New Marketers” is a book by Christophe Menani on the good recipes to apply to prosper in digital marketing. In his work, the author shares the most effective tactics of leading experts in the field. Readers will discover the most effective scenario models and the most suitable processes following the steps. The author introduces readers to buyer psychology and the most effective persuasion methods. With this tool in hand, digital marketing will no longer have any secrets for readers wishing to prosper in this field.