The 10 best communication agencies in France

You want to discover the best communication agencies in France ? In this article, we have listed our top 10 of the best communication agencies to develop your project or business.

We have selected for you the 10 best agencies of communication in France on the basis of grades and notice that their customers gave them on SortList.

148 – Communication agency

Agency size: 23 people

Services: Branding and visual identity, website creation, digital strategy

Agence 148 is a company made up of creatives, developers, project managers and all sorts of other talents. The communication agency works with companies and organizations of all sizes, from all types of sectors. The 148 agency provides their clients with tailor-made solutions in the areas of Branding and Digital. Regardless of the skills deployed, the agency applies an eco-design approach to work. Acting responsibly towards the environment is a daily concern.


Agency size: 4 people

Services: Website Creation, Branding, Ecommerce, Digital Strategy

Agence Jentgen is a communication agency/design studio committed to developing innovative, sustainable and desirable creations. The team is driven by common sense and consistency that empowers brands. The Jentgen agency is committed to helping you and leading your business where you want, always in a virtuous and collaborative way. Based on an approach centered on the user experience, Jentgen creates messages that will bring your brand to life through the codes and uses of the Internet.


Agency size: 13 people

Services: Digital strategy, mobile application, website creation, brand image

Since its creation in 2009, the communication agency Eiko brings together key expertise and disciplines to provide a relevant, innovative and realistic response to the communication challenges of companies: start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, institutions and large companies. What the agency does best: Consulting and brand strategy – Eiko supports you in the definition, positioning and storytelling of your brand, as part of a launch or an evolution. For this, Eiko uses a method of co-construction to respect the DNA of your company and its challenges. The creative team meets all your needs, from visual identity to digital advertising, from 3D to AR experiences, from UX/UI to (beautiful) publishing objects. For the creation of a onepage, e-commerce or corporate site, Eiko listens to your needs, and provides an appropriate UX/UI and technical response: WordPress, Php, PrestaShop, API, Symfony, React, NodeJS, etc. The teams support you during the design, creation, content, integration, development, hosting and maintenance phases.


Agency size: 10 people

Services: website creation, branding, advertising

What best defines Alliance Cube is creation in all its forms. The agency is creative but above all creators: of concepts, materials, emotions and results. But being creative is not an end in itself, it is one of the building blocks which, combined with method, experience and passion, allows an idea, however crazy, to see the light of day. This is how Alliance Cube, the communication agency in Nice, has generated 99.9% of its turnover thanks to the recommendations of its clients for 12 years. An agency that seems to be a safe bet.


Agency size: 54 people

Services: website creation, design, advertising, natural referencing

NANCOMCY is the No. 1 communication agency for VSEs/SMEs in the East of France. Created in 2014, the agency seeks to respond to a strong conviction: to make communication accessible to all professionals. The approach is based above all on a close relationship with their customers and personalized support in order to boost your projects and help you make a difference in your market.


Agency size: 10 people

Services: social media, content strategy, branding

Soyuz is an agency at the service of your digital visibility, which makes everything that may seem complicated to do simple: public speaking strategies, design of operations, content production, localization, social networks, etc. Over the years, the Soyuz agency has developed expertise that allows it to quickly set up high-performance digital ecosystems, relevant for the brand and the audiences, with in particular strong international expertise (up to 24 languages managed within the agency).

Omartin Marketing

Agency size: 15 people

Services: Branding and brand image, website creation, social networks

360 digital agency, specialized in consulting, implementation and optimization of digital marketing & strategy. Tailor-made support for all issues related to the development of your business and/or your presence on the Internet. A single objective: to make all our know-how available to companies and brands! (SMO, Adwords, Web & E-commerce Development, Consulting & Training)

Entrecom Social

Agency size: 30 people

Services: social networks, content strategy, digital strategy

An agency at the service of conversations and the commitment of brands and companies to their digital communities for 12 years, Entrecom Social supports its key account clients in the design, implementation and distribution of their conversational campaigns on all channels. With a digital and marketing culture, the agency produces personalized, differentiating, engaging and effective content allowing major brands to strengthen their relationship with customers, partners and employees. Agile, mobile, expert, the communication agency acts quickly while respecting the DNA of your brand and regularly measuring the effectiveness of campaign devices.

Nest Agency

Agency size: 7 people

Services: Branding and positioning, advertising, design, online advertising

Make every act, every word and every message count to federate, raise awareness and enlighten visions; with one key word: consistency. Nest reveals the best of your brand, and has done so for 7 years.

PAOMA Studio

Agency size: 9 people

Services: Branding and positioning, advertising, digital strategy, website creation

PAOMA® is a communication agency specializing in branding and digital marketing. Paoma’s objective is to help companies and brands design and improve the performance of their digital communication through consulting, design, marketing, advertising and social media. Independent and creative, the Paoma studio team is designed to meet the challenges of business digitalization by considering the profitability of your communications actions and your return on investment (ROI) as a priority.

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