Project manager: know everything

THE Project Manager also called project manager, is a key player in the management and management of any project. As his name suggests, he is an employee who is supposed to ensure the smooth running of the whole project. It must conduct all its phases.

In this content, we are going to give you all the secrets that relate to the position of project manager.

The role of the project manager

As we just said, the Project Manager plays a major role in any organization and in project management. Indeed, he is responsible for all phases of the project, which makes him a guarantor of the success of the latter.

In this same sense, and in order to carry out its ultimate purpose, the latter fulfills a multitude of roles within the organization. Since he is called upon to carry out the following various missions: controller, manager, designer, expert, coach, and speaker all at the same time.

Thus, in spite of its multiple technical interventions which must take place, the project manager plays a key role, in terms of relational skills. The two major roles of the project manager are represented as follows:

  • The assumption of responsibility specifications :

In order to find a optimal solution with low cost, the project manager is called upon to become aware of the specifications, whether in terms of equipment or in terms of manpower. In other more precise terms, by referring to the specifications, the project manager is supposed to define the strategy to followspecify the objectives to be achieved, find the funding required to ensure a rapid and effective result, which has a positive impact on the organization.

  • A perfect answer to customer needs :

In any service, the customer is always king. Thus, the project manager must ensure a follow-up to the height, with his customers.

To fulfill this major role, the Project Manager must carry out the following tasks:

  • Ensure negotiations with all suppliers.
  • Collaborate with other professionals to meet customer expectations.

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The tasks of the project manager:

THE Project Manager is the conductor of all the projects of a company, its development, its organization and its delivery! In addition to his various roles that we have just mentioned, he must imperatively carry out and carry out the following missions:

  • Develop a Specifications very precise, by providing a timetable indicating the different phases of the project, by allocating to each a specific deadline.
  • Become aware of clients’ expectations as much as possible, trying to work in collaboration with them, that is to say by ensuring follow-up with them, throughout the stages of the project.
  • Organize meetings in order to discuss with the various stakeholders the essential elements, in particular: the objective of the deadline, the tasks of each employee, the requirements of the client, the deadline…
  • Be able to manage risks, in order to avoid any unforeseen events that may cause a delay in the completion of the various stages, by anticipating the resolution of problems.
  • Motivate the members of the project team and assist them when needed.
  • Transmit to the general manager, in complete transparency, the progress of the project and inform him of the problems encountered, in case they exist.
  • Keep the roadmap in view, in order to meet the deadline assigned to each phase of the project.

The 5 essential soft skills of the project manager


Leadership is one of the essential skills when it comes to a Project Manager. Leadership is a model of active listening, self-confidence, strong skills and seriousness.

Having the title of “chief”, the latter must choose, manage and motivate employeeswhile ensuring that each member is fully aware of the exact tasks assigned to them.

In other words, the project manager is supposed to drive theproject teamevaluate their ideas, explain to them the objectives to be achieved, and make the right decisions at the right time.

It is the very essence of agile method than relying on the leadership of the project manager to orchestrate the smooth running of the project.

Decision making

Any success of a project depends directly on the right decisions made. Thus, among the essential skills that a project manager must have, we must mention decision-making.

Thus, before any decision is made, the Project Manager must be able to collect ideas from all stakeholders, while focusing on the brightest among them.

In addition, it should be noted that this phase must go through six essential stages:

  • Defining the problem in a clear way.
  • The establishment of a brainstorming with the members of the team, in order to find solutions.
  • The identification of the criteria for evaluating the solutions and the analysis of each issue.
  • The precision and involvement of all the players concerned by the application of the solution.
  • Analysis and application of “lessons learned”.
  • The evaluation of the degree of achievement of the project objective following the decided solution.

However, it should be noted that this manager must take decisions who do not respond to the proposals received, if his steps will guarantee the success of the project.

Planning and organization

Organization is a key element in the success of all projects. Indeed, a project represents a multitude of points to be managed simultaneouslyin particular: time, budget, resources, absences, deadlines, results, etc.

Thus, without a good organization of these elements on the part of the Project Manager, the success of this project could be in real danger. To help him in his task he can rely on a project planning software.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the organization also includes the risk managementwhich consists of anticipating and minimizing risks, in order to avoid any unforeseen problem, which could cause a delay.


Communication is one of the key elements for the success of any project. In order to ensure the smooth running of the project, the Project Manager is supposed to have a good clear and pragmatic communication with all stakeholders and collaborators.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this point of the communication can go as far as the employee motivation. In addition, the latter must also be able to send team members the latest updates.

This awareness of possible updates will push employees to be more productive and more engaged.

In this same perspective of ideas, the latter must also inform his hierarchical superiors about the evolutions of the project, whether positive or negative.

In addition, communication with customers, which is very important, should not be neglected.

The negociation

Negotiation is also a key element in the success of any project.

In terms of negotiation, the project manager is called upon to communicateinitially, individually with suppliers, customers, team members, superiors.

Then, the latter is supposed to manage the demands of the different stakeholders and establish a balance between them.

Thus, negotiation turns out to be a crucial skill, which every project manager must have, since it reduces work pressure and contributes to problem solving.


If your dream is to become a project manager, just follow this information.

First, you must choose suitable studies in which you can become a project manager. For this you will have to pass a bac+3 to bac+5 level diploma or one engineering degree.

In addition, it should be noted that you can access universities, business schools, management or management which offer training, in direct relation with the project manager jobin particular: master management, master marketing.

Aside from diplomas and studies, you should know that the job of project manager requires a certain number of personal skills. They are represented as follows:

  • A love for his field and his job.
  • A strong personality to manage all team members and make the right decisions for the success of the project.
  • Good active listening.
  • Good budget management skills.
  • Varied skills and technical knowledge
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Clear and concise communication with effective transmission of information (have good interpersonal skills).
  • Impeccable organization.
  • A satisfactory appropriation of the universe of the project.

The salary and evolution of a project manager

After all this information, the question now arises: “How much does an employee earn as a Project Manager?” “.

Starting a career as a project manager is very rare. Indeed, the vast majority of people who hold this position began their career as an assistant project manager, as their first experience.

In general, a project manager wins in France between €3,250 gross and €6,667 gross per month in France. That is a median salary of €4,959 gross per month. Source: Hays, 2019

Indeed, the larger the company, the more attractive the remuneration. However, it should be noted that this income may experience changes, in terms of profile skills, accumulated experience and assigned missions.

In addition, it should be noted that depending on the success of the project, the company can provide bonuses, in favor of the project manager, to encourage him further.

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FAQ – Project Manager

Who directs the project manager?

First of all, it should be noted that the project manager has functional authority (in relation to the project) and that he has no hierarchical position, since he is supposed to build everything.
However, the project manager, responsible for all stakeholders of a given project, is in turn conditioned by a hierarchical attachment.

Indeed, the latter is supposed to be in regular communication with the general manager, in order to inform him about the various developments of the project.

So the Project Manager must ensure a high level of connection with the contracting authority (strategic, business management, etc.), in order to have sufficient legitimacy, although temporary, depending on the duration of the project.

What is the difference between project manager and project manager?

Although they do not have identical titles, the missions of the project manager are similar to those of the project managers.

Indeed, these two officials are supposed to ensure the smooth running of the project assigned to him. And this, from the beginning of the latter until its end, which must be closed successfully.

This job consists of a sort of intermediary between the client and the members of the project team, in order to communicate to them the needs detected in a clear and effective way.

It is for this reason that this position requires several skills, including active listening, interpersonal skills, team spirit, good organization and a penchant for creativity.