Mail merge with Outlook: tips

You are not comfortable with mailing software ? You have just launched your activity and do not yet wish to invest in a mailing tool especially ? Don’t worry, it’s entirely possible to do direct mail with the usual email tools as Outlook.

You will just be a bit limited in terms of designof personalization and of number of shipments. YOU you won’t have access either has advanced features as reportingTHE authentication protocols, etc. So you will be impossible to measure the impact of your marketing actions. And the deliverability rate of your emails will be less appreciable. But if you do everything right, there is no reason not achieving the expected results.

You plan to do Outlook mail merge ? Find out how in the paragraphs below.

What is direct mail?

In the broad sense of the term, THE direct mail consists of send personalized emails in mass has different recipients. And this, by Postal route Or electronic. But in this content we will limit ourselves to the second option, that is, by email.

What is direct mail
What is direct mail

direct mail is an integral part of the Marketing strategy of a company or a brand. direct mail intended to raise awareness by means of a relevant email, impacting And personalized, multiple contacts. The goal may be toencourage recipients has procurementto the retainTHE adviseTHE to reassure, etc. It all depends on the intended purpose and the type of recipients.

Even if doing direct mail is not rocket science, it is not given to everyone to indulge in it. Indeed, to be able to obtain the desired results, it is necessary to have good basics in marketing. You also need to know the emailing best practices : bottom, shape, targeting And audience segmentation.

To have : how to make a mailing?

direct mail is today the most profitable trading instrument. These last years, direct mail has demonstratedgreat efficiency and D’an excellent return on investment. It would be a shame to miss it.

To note : from a technical point of view, direct mail East the merge function between the personal database and the business text including the merge fields.

Mail merge with Outlook: the steps

Below the 4 steps to follow to make mail merge with Outlook :

Mail merge with Outlook
Mail merge with Outlook

#1. write your email on a Microsoft Word document will be the first step. Make sure that all the information is in the text and that he there are no mistakes. You can’t go back once the mail merge process launched. The message will be sent as isit would be shame to forget to add a file or an attachment.

#2. Click on Direct mail on the side menu bar at the very top of the page. Then choose Selection of recipients Then select In Outlook contacts.

#3. You will have access to the list of all your contacts on Outlook. Select everyone you want to send an email to. This file is your mailing list.

#4. Press on the finish button And Merge then on Send e-mail messages. Fill information fields which will be displayed to you. Send in clicking the button Merge with an electronic message.

To be sure that direct mail has worked wellwe advise you to send the mail to yourself before mass mailing. With this step, you will be able to see if there are any information to change or errors to rectify.

Noticed : to can mail merge with outlookyou must already have a contact list in outlook. If this it’s not the case, create one.

Mailing with Outlook or on an emailing tool?

Although it is possible and simpler to make direct mail with Outlookit is always better to use online emailing software. It’s a more efficient solution And more suitable Who optimizes your chances ofget the results you are looking for.

Find below the advantages of having an emailing tool like sendinblue.

Mailing with Outlook or on an emailing tool
Mailing with Outlook or on an emailing tool

Unlimited sending of emails

An emailing platform allows you tosend unlimited emails to contacts. And this, without affecting your reputation by making you appear in the list of spammers. This is indeed the problem with email tools classics like Outlook, gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. Their functionality is quite basic. If the sender sends too many emailsit will end up being blacklisted or blocked by recipients.

The number of emails can be sent by Gmail email tools And Outlook per day is limited to 500 and 300 respectively.

Better email deliverability

As a reminder, email deliverability refers to its ability to achieve recipient’s inbox. We refer here to the main inbox And not to other directories such as spam.

The issue of deliverability of one E-mail is very important because it’s her which guarantees the success of an emailing campaign. There’s no point in sending a lot of emails if they never arrive at their destination.

If you use specialized tools for emailingyour emails will have a better deliverability rate. They have been configured for this purpose.

Compliance of emails with data security rules

There are rules (GDPR emailing) to be respected in terms of collection and Duse of personal data. These state that it is forbidden to send of the B2C emails to people who do not have consented to receive them. They also stipulate that these emails must offer an unsubscribe solution. In this way, a RECIPIENT Who don’t wish more receive this type of message born receive them more. And you must do what is necessary to prevent this from happening again.

Passing through a emailing softwareyou don’t have to worry about any of that. The mail merge tool already takes care of everything for you. It automatically offers the unsubscribe option and ensures that GDPR always be respected in all the emailing campaigns carried out.

Quick and easy creation of emails

Emailing tools propose a working editor by ” drag and drop “. They also provide users with ready-to-use customizable templates. You will have no trouble creating emails (graphic or text or both) in your image.

Some software even allows you to design your emails by coding. If you have some basics in HTML or CSSyou will have no trouble creating your own designs.

Possibility of measuring the impact and effectiveness of emails sent

Specialized software in emailing offers reporting features which allow you to measure the performance of your campaigns. You will have access to a dashboard with different statistics: deliverability rate, the opening rate, click through rate, etc. You will be able to learn a lesson from your achievements or your chess For improve your next campaigns.


We ended the direct mail article with Outlook. Now let’s answer the FAQs.

What are the differences between Gmail and Outlook?

gmail And Outlook don’t work the same way.

► The spell check of the document is done in same time that the writing.
► If you have multiple messages to forwardyou can all attach.
► To save spaceyou have to delete posts.
► To facilitate your researchyou can sort your messages by senderby date or by size.
► Each message and reply lie in the mailbox and come in the form of an individual entry.
► You can classify your messages in folders.
► You can flag posts important or to be tracked using an indicator. It is also possible to assign a color.
► The Letter box maybe shared.
► You receive notifications through desktop alerts.
► The incoming emails can be managed using rules.

► The spell check is done after writing the message.
► If you have any messages to forward, YOU you don’t have to of forward an entire conversation. You just have to select specific parts to share and send them.
► You can archive some discussions For do not clutter your inbox.
► You can search your messages by sender, date And keywords.
► It is possible toadd a label with a specific color to messages to facilitate their identification.
► You choose the message display mode.
► You can add a tag to messages has follow and important.
► He is possible to set up a filter allowing of Automatically classify incoming emails.
► You receive desktop notifications if you activate THE corresponding parameters in the settings.
► You can share your mailbox thanks to Google Groups.