Lexiteev: The tool to gain positions on Google

As an SEO consultant, I regularly have the opportunity to discover new tools for natural referencing. The latest is Lexiteev, a tool that promises to help you gain positions on Google. We will verify this through this test.

Introducing Lexiteev

Lexiteev is an SEO tool launched this year by the French company Digitian. The solution is the result of 3 years of relentless research and development. Lexiteev’s objective is to gain Google positions through a “magic” recipe depending on the number of words to place in the content, the semantic field used and the number of internal links.

Setup and interface

Once you have registered and chosen your formula (we will come back to this later), the first thing to do is to set up your project. You must name it, enter your URL and possibly connect your Google Analytics account. We will see later the different functionalities of the tool to configure.

In terms of user experience, the development team has made the effort to offer a modern and ergonomic interface that is pleasant to use. An appreciable point which is however often overlooked by SEO software publishers.

Lexiteev interface
Lexiteev interface

Lexiteev features

Page Crawl

Lexiteev first offers you to crawl your website. It simply means that the tool will behave like search engine robots to automatically detect and analyze the pages of your site following links from one page to another.


Detection of relevant queries

When we then go to a page that we want to optimize, Lexiteev tells us the main query on which we want the page to position itself. This will then allow the tool to analyze the semantic field.

Suggested queries
Suggested queries

Performance indicators

From there, Lexiteev will provide several indicators according to all content optimization criteria:

Performance indicators
Performance indicators
  • A score from 0 to 100: This is calculated according to the presence of the keyword in the text, the semantic field, the volume of text, etc.
  • Total words: It is simply the total of words entered in the tags in the body of the page. The tool advises to integrate at least 250 to 300 words but you can largely double this figure.
  • Useful words: They represent words with positive lexical value, as opposed to words with neutral value such as pronouns, adverbs, conjunctions, etc.
  • The visits : This figure gives an estimate of the organic traffic generated by the page analyzed in the project.
  • Location and Tracking: It is simply the position of your page in the SERP on your main keyword. The position can also be followed over the month to see the evolution of the optimizations.

Content optimization

Content optimization is the main and most comprehensive feature of the tool.

Content optimization
Content optimization

Several elements of the content of the page are analyzed in this way:

  • The Title tag
  • The meta description tag
  • The H1 beacon
  • The contents

Based on this analysis, the tool will offer advice on optimizing lexies:

First by repeating the most important lexies. The circular diagram makes it possible to identify the 10 most repeated words within the

tag and the text in the body of the page. The software advises to highlight the targeted request up to 20% to 25% maximum.

Then by integrating the different lexies into the content. This is a list contains expressions to place in your content classified by weight, that is, the first in the list bring more value to the text. The tool takes into consideration the word environment and differentiates between isolated words and compound expressions. Thus, the objective is to integrate into the text the expressions shaded in the content.

Link generation

This feature allows you to optimize the internal linking of your website.

Link building
Link building

For your page to be optimized, the tool will analyze all the other pages of your site related to the main subject. At a glance you can spot the pages that are already linked and those that are not yet. We can then include links in the source code from these pages to our page to be optimized.

The rates

Lexiteev offers 4 formulas without commitment of duration adapted to all types of projects.

Rates Lexiteev MAJ
Rates Lexiteev MAJ
  • Starter at €29 per month: 30 optimizable pages per project.
  • Medium at €59 per month: 60 optimizable pages per project.
  • Wide at €99 per month: 100 optimizable pages per project.
  • Custom+ (on estimate): License limits and tailor-made functionalities, support for the operation of the platform by a dedicated consultant, personalized SEO advice, content writing, production of performance reports at regular intervals and telephone assistance

For all formulas, performance data is updated weekly, query ideas and internet mesh optimizations are included. Also, the number of crawled URLs, the number of users is unlimited, as well as the content tests are unlimited.


Lexiteev is a truly functional and powerful semantic analysis solution. The tool offers concrete recommendations that can be put in place quickly, whether in terms of optimizing content or internal networking. In addition, we can follow the impact of these optimizations with the monitoring of positions over the month and thus have the possibility of making readjustments.