How to get Google reviews? [techniques approuvées]

Are you looking to learn more about  the importance of customer reviews on Google  and  get more reviews on Google  the easy way?

How to get more Google customer reviews and how to process them?

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  1. The importance of customer reviews on Google
  2. Google Reviews and eReputation
  3. How to get more customer reviews on Google
  4. Google Reviews and Local SEO

The importance of getting reviews on Google

From a hair salon to a dentist, it’s rare to make a blind purchasing decision without  reading several online reviews.

In 2016,  90% of shoppers read at least one online review  before deciding to go to a store.

More importantly, 94% of online shoppers said a negative review convinced them not to  go to a store.

This means that regardless of your industry, a positive online presence provides you with several key benefits, making it an essential part of branding.

The leading online review platform these days is  Google My Business  . (although there are many other review platforms)

That is why it is essential in 2020 to ensure your electronic reputation through Google, since reviews appear when a potential client searches for your brand online. (see image below)

google customer reviews

Having an average rating higher than 4/5 is very important.

In fact, according to a study it has been shown that having a score of less than 4 would reduce the number of Internet users visiting your business by 80%.

Furthermore, customer reviews are, most of the time, an interesting source of business development.

A review is not just a negative or positive review, it can provide  ideas for business development and improvement.

That is why it is key to consult them periodically.

Google Reviews and eReputation

As seen above, customer reviews are key to  driving traffic to your business  and play a huge role in your  e-reputation  .

According to, “electronic reputation can be defined as the image transmitted and/or experienced by a company or brand on the Internet and other digital media.”

Therefore, having good customer reviews will increase your e-reputation.

In this specific case, you will need to be interested in what is being said about your brand not only in your Google customer reviews, but also on other review platforms or forums.

Here are some review platforms you should monitor depending on your industry:

  • tripadvisor
  • Yellow Pages
  • Best Agents (real estate)
  • won
  • trusted pilot

Everything said about your brand online will constitute your electronic reputation.

We encourage you, to the extent possible, to  respond to all of your online customer reviews.

“Yes, but even the best ones? ???? »


In fact, responding to all your opinions will give you an image of a company that is very committed and attentive to its customers.

Be careful not to get carried away when a customer leaves you a negative review. This can be highly frowned upon and risks damaging your electronic reputation.

We recommend that you stay calm, respond politely and why not offer to talk about it directly to understand how your experience could have been better.

You need to understand that customer reviews on Google and other review platforms are key to the survival of your business today.

Now we will explain how  to collect more customer reviews on Google  .

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To get more customer reviews, unfortunately there is no magic formula.

Purchasing fake reviews to improve your e-reputation is strongly discouraged. Google runs the risk of penalizing you harshly.

With this in mind, you will have to work harder to develop your visibility through reviews.

There are many techniques for  collecting Google reviews  , but they are all based on your customers.

If you have a point of sale, you can offer customers to complete a Google review at checkout via a tablet when making a purchase.

If you do not have a point of sale, such as plumbers or other service providers, we advise you to send a request by SMS to your customer.

Want more Google reviews?

Try LocalRanker now and send SMS review requests to your customers

In these SMS you can  directly insert a link  that redirects the user to your company’s Google My Business listing.

Then it is very easy to collect opinions and quickly gain electronic reputation.

After a few months of implementation, your social proof and visibility will have evolved

.Go further: delete a negative Google review

Google Reviews and Local SEO

To understand the relationship between customer reviews and local SEO, you need to understand the importance of local SEO on Google.

Let’s imagine that we want to sell our apartment located in the 12th district, but that we don’t know any notary.

The reflex of any individual will be to do a Google search like the following:

google reviews notaries

Once the search is completed, Google shows Google Maps and nearby establishments that seem to match my search.

Google generally highlights 3 establishments.

Hence the importance of being well referenced locally on Google Maps to develop your visibility.

As you can see in the photo above, there seems to be a  close relationship between local references and the number of reviews.

Obviously, this is not the only SEO criterion, but it is important.

However, if we look at the results that Google offers us for “Notaire Paris 12”, we find first a study with 1.9/5 and 10 opinions.

Which is not at all advantageous for this establishment. There is little chance that an Internet user will carry out this study after consulting Google.

More reviews = better local SEO?

Yes and no.

Therefore, both concepts are closely related, but other criteria are taken into account such as geographical proximity to the Internet user, the level of optimization of their Google My Business listing, etc.

With this article you have understood the enormous impact of the quantity of reviews and the quality of the reviews you collect day after day.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments, our local SEO expert will answer them! 

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To discover !

Why use Google reviews?

Google Business Reviews allows users to discover the opinions and experiences of previous customers of a given company. This can help future guests make an informed decision about where to go and what to do. Reviews can also help businesses improve their service by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their business. By using Google Business Reviews, users can access valuable information to make a decision efficiently and quickly.

Why use customer review software?

A  customer review software  allows businesses to effectively manage customer reviews and comments. It allows you to collect reviews centrally, analyze them to extract information and use them to improve the company’s products or services. Reviewers often learn about positive reviews by automating review requests and making it easier to respond to negative reviews. By using customer review software, businesses can improve their online reputation, increase their visibility, and improve their return on investment.