Full test, reviews and price

Whether it’s to launch a new offer, generate leads or optimize your conversions, there are plenty of good reasons to create a landing page. After trying several solutions, I stopped at Instapage which is one of the most popular tools for designing and uploading landing pages in a few clicks.

In this test, I will show you the main features of Instapage and give you my opinion on this tool.

Instapage Overview

Instapage is a startup founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco. With a tool that meets the need to create landing pages quickly and easily, they quickly became leaders. They were thus able to conquer more than 15,000 users who are both agencies, startups and larger companies.
Regarding the rates, they are detailed at the end of the article. Be aware, however, that Instapage offers a 14-day trial period to test all the features and give an opinion.

The main features

Unlike Wix or Strikingly, Instapage is not intended to build a complete website. The design and publication is landing therefore remains the core business of the solution with, however, some interesting features:

  • Building landing pages: Based on a simple drag-and-drop system, this tool is very intuitive and makes it easy to generate beautiful landing pages in minutes and without developer help.
  • Customizable templates: Instapage provides one of the largest template library with over 200 templates suitable for every situation. Each model is of course customizable as desired.
  • Analysis : It is possible to evaluate the conversion and performance of all your landing pages using a dashboard that is full of data.
  • A/B Testing: In order to optimize conversion rates, Instapage embeds an A/B test tool that compares the different versions of a page in order to identify the one that performs best.
  • Collaboration tools: For those who work in an agency or in a company, the solution has also developed this functionality in order to facilitate team design.
  • Integration: Due to its notoriety, Instapage has the advantage of integrating with many other analysis, CRM, emailing, marketing automation solutions as well as CMS such as WordPress or Drupal.

An intuitive solution for creating landing pages

As soon as you are registered, you land directly on the creation page. Two solutions are available to us. Either from a blank page or from an existing model. Moreover, this is where we realize that Instapage offers an incredible number of templates that correspond to very specific needs.

Instagram Templates
Instagram Templates

The objective is not to reinvent the wheel but to be efficient, so I chose a template in order to capture leads by downloading an ebook:

In just 20 minutes, I manage to create a landing page with a really satisfying result compared to what I imagined.

The drag and drop system is really intuitive and each element can be completely personalized (color, font, size, etc.) which offers great freedom in creation.

Instagram builder
Instagram builder

Strong point of the tool, we can also work on the mobile version in order to optimize it as much as possible. Very important when you know that more than 50% of traffic is generated today via smartphones.

Once finished, it is possible to publish your landing page on a personalized domain, on your CMS (WordPress and Drupal, on Facebook or on a test subdomain)

Better conversion thanks to A/B testing

As soon as you have your landing page online, it is possible to launch an A/B test directly using the tool directly integrated into Instapage.

An A/B test (or split test) allows you to create two versions of your landing pages with a few different elements. It is possible to distribute your visitors equally or to specify a percentage for each of your versions.

Thus, you will be able to analyze the conversion rates of your pages as well as all the elements that you A/B test to obtain the best possible landing page.

Instapage A/B testing
Instapage A/B testing

Instapage prices

Regarding the price, Instapage offers two different packages:

  • THE business plan at $149/month: It includes the basic functionalities of creating and publishing landing pages. It includes features to optimize conversion, including A/B testing, heatmaps and analytics.
  • THE enterprise plan : Personalized package for companies, the cost totally depends on your needs. It is necessary to make a demo and contact Instapage for this.

Note that all subscriptions are not limited in number of pages, visitors or domains which is rather significant compared to other tools.

The best alternatives to Instapage


It is true that Instapage has a slightly higher cost than other landing page creation solutions. However, it turns out to be the most complete for making modern landing pages that convert. In addition, there are features that are much more advanced than competitors, which ultimately pays off the initial investment fairly quickly.
In any case, do not hesitate to test for yourself with the free trial offered by the tool. Finally, you can also consult my comparison of landing page creation tools.