8 Best Free Online Spelling Checkers

In this article, you will discover the best spelling checkers free of the market.

Who has never doubted the spelling of a word?

About the conjugation of a verb or the place of a comma in a sentence?

The French language is a source of pitfalls that every writing professional, student or marketing manager fears.

Fortunately, there is software capable of correcting the biggest errors hidden in texts in just a few seconds: spelling checkers.

Here is some important information to help you use this type of tool properly.


  1. What is a spell checker?
  2. 8 Best Free Spelling Checkers
  3. Why use an online spell checker?

What is a spell checker?

A Spell Checker allows everyone to correct typos, spelling, grammar or conjugation errors in digital text. It can also be an expression, punctuation or even the tone used.

An online spelling and grammar checker allows the editor to detect mistakes which sometimes remain invisible despite several rereadings. However, such a tool cannot help you find the typography of your text.

free online spelling checker
free online spelling checker

Depending on the software you use, a spell checker can also check the punctuation and syntax of your sentences.

Enough to make it an essential tool to ensure the quality of your texts, whatever they may be!

8 Best Free Spelling Checkers

On the market you will find many spelling and grammar checkers.

However, not everyone is at the same level of efficiency in correcting a text, an email or a press release.

This is why we have listed for you the best spell checkers onlineto help you choose the tool best suited to your needs.



Scribens is one of the best online spell checkers on the market.

In addition to correcting grammar, spelling and conjugation errors, this corrective software also detects punctuation, formatting and abbreviation errors.

Its interface offers excellent visibility and each fault is highlighted and then explained by the software.

Scribens offers a free version with which you can correct a text of up to 800 words.

This is the average length of a blog post. For more freedom, you can also choose the paid version, which costs ten euros per month.

Good boss

Good boss is a clear and fairly precise online spelling checker.

This correction software is particularly recommended for checking text conjugation errors.

It can also analyze your sentences to detect possible wording errors.

Good boss also allows you to discover the French rule in connection with an error made in the text, in order to avoid repeating it in the future.

Note, however, that this software can correct a text of up to 500 words. It is therefore ideal for correcting publications dedicated to social networks, or short text summaries, for example.



Known for its translation features, Reverso is also a very good online spell checker.

Thanks to it, you will be able to correct up to 450 words and obtain the translation of certain terms, as well as their synonyms and their definition.

This spelling correction software is particularly recommended for tracking down spelling errors that are still hidden in a text after several rereadings.


Cordial is one of the oldest spell checkers available.

Unlike other software, it uses artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of sentences in a text.

This technology allows him to better correct the wording and writing style. In addition to spelling, grammar and conjugation.

This free spelling checker can correct up to 1000 words. Which makes it ideal for proofreading emails, blog posts or newspapers.

This grammar and spelling checker, however, remains too accurate for students who wish to correct a dissertation, for example.

Language Tool

Language Tool corrects misspelled words as you write.

It clearly highlights punctuation, grammar, spelling and conjugation errors.

This rather basic correction tool is quite intuitive and easy to use.


Spellboy is an online spell checker that differentiates itself from its competitors by respecting your privacy.

Indeed, this spelling checker has the advantage of not keeping any trace of your text once it has been corrected.

Completely free, it also allows you to correct text in nearly thirteen different languages!

Easy French

This site not only allows you to correct a text, but also to benefit from French lessons and exercises to improve your language level.

Completely free, the French Easy spell checker allows the user to understand their errors and correct them with ease.


Corrector is a spelling correction software very efficient and complete, accessible online.

It makes it easy to correct spelling, grammar, conjugation and punctuation errors.

Its little extra? It allows you to correct texts in nearly 20 different languages!

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Artificial Intelligence in the World of Online Spell Checkers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has played an important role in improving the performance of online spell checkers.

AI tools can be used to train spelling checkers on massive datasets of text and code.

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

This allows markers to learn to recognize and correct a greater number of errors. It is a valuable help in establishing a relationship of trust with Internet users.

Here are some of the ways AI is being used to improve online spelling checkers:

Analysis of grammatical structure

AI tools can be used to analyze the grammatical structure of a text. This allows the proofreader to detect grammar and syntax errors.

Word recognition

AI tools can be used to recognize words in text. This allows the proofreader to correct spelling and spelling errors.

Identifying Vocabulary Errors

AI tools can be used to identify vocabulary errors. This allows the proofreader to offer more relevant and contextual corrections.

Learning user preferences

AI tools can be used to learn a user’s preferences. This allows the proofreader to suggest corrections that match the user’s style.

AI tools are an ever-evolving technology. As AI tools become more sophisticated, online spell checkers will become even more accurate and powerful.

Why use an online spell checker?

These days, using an online spell checker is almost essential for your various writings.

Whether you are a student, marketing manager or editor, it is essential to present your previously written texts without any spelling or grammar errors. This allows you to maintain a certain credibility.

Even if you are quite good at spelling and you reread several times, it is very difficult to get rid of all the mistakes that remain in a text.

This is why it is very important to use additional help to finish correcting a text.

The correction software mentioned here is more efficient than the Office 365 software proofreader. In fact, each online solution offers you additional comfort regarding the final quality of your work.

Finally, a spelling checker allows you to win time at time correct a text or simply to correct one’s faults.

By eliminating the biggest mistakes and explaining the French rules related to these errors, it allows the user to reduce the number of errors they can make when writing.

Now you know the best spell checkers available on the market. All you have to do is make the right choice!