7 Free Generators and Tips

In this article, you will learn how to create a word cloud easily through various free tools.

Among the most useful and fun communication tools, the word cloud generator is probably one of the most misunderstood.

Yet, create a word cloud has many advantages. Both for an agency and for a freelancer. And it remains something quite simple to achieve. If you have the right tools.

Let’s discover together the benefits of a word cloud and the best software to create one for free on the Internet.


  1. What is a word cloud?
  2. 7 Free Word Cloud Generators
  3. How to create a word cloud?
  4. Why create a word cloud?

What is a word cloud?

THE word cloudalso known as tag cloud or word cloud, allows you to synthesize ideas, create a lexical field around a particular word and present it in a fun way.

It can be translated as an association of words or expressions around a particular idea or concept.

A keyword cloud appears in the form of an image, with or without a background, and can take different forms. Depending on the software you use to generate it, it can also be customizable in terms of font, color, shape and even size.

word cloud example

7 Free Word Cloud Generators

There are different types of tools or generators to create a word cloud keys.

Each of them offers their own features and can be available on tablet, smartphone, or PC.

To help you make the best possible choice, we have grouped together for you the seven best software for creating a tag cloud for free on the Internet:


This keyword cloud software is considered one of the best on the market.

Free and accessible online, it allows you to synthesize a complete text or design a word cloud from a pre-established list of key words.

This complete and quick-to-use tool also allows you to personalize the keyword cloud, particularly in terms of orientation, color and font.

Finally, know that you can download your word cloud in JPG or PNG format using this tool.


This software for creating a word cloud is free and online.

It allows you to copy and paste text, a URL, or import a word or pdf file to create your cloud.

Thanks to its customization feature, you can easily change the font, shape and colors of your word cloud.

Its little extra?

Nuagedemots.fr also allows you to integrate logos and symbols into your creation!

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Unlike the two previous software programs that we have mentioned, Wordart has a slightly less ergonomic interface.

However, it remains a very comprehensive keyword cloud creation tool that allows you to customize a word cloud in a short time.

Its advantage lies above all in the fact that it allows you to create animated word clouds, which can be particularly interesting for capturing the attention of your audience, while highlighting the most important terms in your composition.


This online word cloud generator is quite fun and allows you to fully personalize your creation.

To save time, note that this software also offers a “randomize” button which allows you to choose a customization at random from a selection of configurations pre-recorded by the tool.


Wordsalad is a mobile word cloud app available on iOS and Android.

Its interface is easy to use and rather intuitive.

It offers a free version, thanks to which you will be able to design a word cloud, but without being able to completely personalize it. To do this, you will need to choose the paid version which costs €6.99.

Image Chef

Image Chef is the ideal tool for create a mosaic of words.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to choose the color of the background of your cloud, but also its shape and the font of your words.

The downside of this tool is that the free version does not allow you to download your word cloud without the presence of unsightly watermarks.


This tool for creating a word cloud offers many features.

In particular, it is possible to generate your image from a URL, a Twitter handle, a Google search, a news item and even an RSS feed.

Note that the software also offers five different shapes for your word cloud (classic, dove, apple, heart and star).

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Before choosing the word cloud generator most suitable for building your word cloud, we recommend that you follow these few essential steps to create a relevant cloud.

To begin, make an initial list of keywords related to the idea, concept or brand you want to define.

word cloud

See to choose relevant keywords and easily understandable which best translate what you want to express.

Overall, for a project, ban formulations that are too complex or too far from the initial concept.

Once you have made your list, choose the most important words and annotate them.

These will be the terms that you can highlight in the word cloud, in particular by modifying their size or their color for example.

Finally, we recommend that you ensure that you respect a certain harmony in the choice of your words.

Don’t choose words that are too long or words that are too short.

Ideally, we suggest you find a balance between the length of different terms, to allow you to benefit from some visual harmony when generating the word cloud.

Why create a word cloud?

A word cloud is a particularly useful communication tool.

It can be used to express an idea with words, present a brand image using a PowerPoint or even to highlight the characteristics of a product in a more fun way.

Furthermore, depending on the software you have chosen, be aware that it is also possible to synthesize a long text using a word cloud.

This can be of great help in better understanding certain complex concepts or in formulating a summary.

The tag cloud is a fun and effective marketing tool, easy to generate. We hope that these few tips will allow you to get the most out of it!