7 best software for creating effective landing pages

In a marketing strategy, the use of landing pages is almost essential to ensure a good conversion rate on your website.

However, if this copywriting tool no longer has to prove its effectiveness, it remains essential to edit a quality landing page if we wish to obtain convincing results.

To help you design relevant landing pages, there is software dedicated to this practice.

This is why in this guide we have grouped the 7 best of them in the rest of this article.

What is a landing page?

A landing page, destination page or landing page is a web page designed with the aim of convert visitors into leads or potential customers. It is used in online inbound marketing to promote a product, service or special offer.

The main objective of a landing page is toencourage visitors to take a specific action. Like filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an ebook, purchasing a product, etc. These actions are generally linked to a company’s business objectives.

hubspot landing page
hubspot landing page

To maximize its effectiveness, it is generally designed to be clear, concise and persuasive with call-to-action buttons.

It must have an attractive design and highlight the advantages and characteristics of what is offered. Key elements of an effective landing page often include A compelling titleA call to action (call-to-action) clear information or some testimonials.

What is landing page software?

A landing page software aims to help you design relevant landing pages.

On a website, landing pages are generally intended for conversion. They are not comparable to the home page or product pages.

example landing page
example landing page

Rather, it is a web page to which the Internet user can be redirected after clicking on a link (call-to-action) in an email or in a promotion on social networks, for example.

Top 7 best software for creating landing pages

There are many examples of landing page creation software on the market. However, not all are equal.

Here is the list of the 7 best tools to create your landing page with ease. Happy reading !

code academy landing page
code academy landing page


Systeme.io is a complete marketing platform that allows entrepreneurs to expand their operational marketing automatically.

Entirely in French, this software offers a landing page creation functionality that is very easy to use, since it is based on a drag and drop system.

Systeme.io offers around fifteen fully customizable templates at a very affordable price, since its starting offer is available for €27 per month and gives you access to all the software’s features to effectively develop your inbound marketing strategy.


Instapage is one of the best landing page creation software on the market for several reasons.

It is a simple and intuitive software that has many features. In order to allow you to design very effective web pages with good conversion results.

To do this, simply choose one of the 200 templates optimized for both mobile and desktop in the page builder and, thanks to its drag-and-drop system, develop the sales page you need in any way totally intuitive.

The little extra of Instapage?

This tool allows you to analyze the hot and cold areas of your page to help you place the most important elements of your speech in strategic locations.



Hubspot is one of the best-known tools in the world of digital marketing. Already a leader in the CRM area, it offers detailed functionalities to create a landing page on your website which will allow you to effectively generate leads and prospects.

This software is very simple to use and offers a very intuitive interface which will allow you to create the design best suited to your expectations. Either from one of the 13 available models, or from a blank page.

You will have different add-ons, like forms or videos and full customization capability.

In addition, this functionality can be seamlessly integrated into the Hubspot CRM. And thus allow you to easily and centrally analyze your lead generation data.


GetLandy is a French platform that is particularly easy to use.

Based on the use of pre-established and fully customizable templates, this landing page creation tool offers an easy-to-use interface, notably thanks to drag and drop.

With GetLandy, you can create optimized and responsive landing pages without the need for technical knowledge.

In addition, additional features such as landing pages in a form, thank you pages, duplication and A/B testing will allow you to analyze your lead acquisition strategy in a precise and optimized way.


Unbounce appears to be a direct competitor to InstaPage.

Their interface is similar and allows you to design landing pages simply and effectively.

It offers a lot of optimized models, both from an aesthetic point of view but also from a conversion point of view.

Note that Unbounce remains slightly more difficult to use than its competitor. Since it offers many features that sometimes require skills to be fully used.


LeadPages offers 160 landing page templates that you can customize to increase your average conversion rate.

Based on a grid system made up of blocks to fill, it remains quite simple to use although it is less intuitive than software based on drag and drop.

Please note that it is not possible to design a landing page from a blank file using this software.

On the other hand, LeadPages offers relevant additional features. Like carrying out A/B testing and the possibility of being integrated with many other tools.


GetResponse differentiates itself from its competitors by the originality of its models, some of which have already generated an average conversion of 5.86%.

The interface of this software is intuitive and easy to use. GetResponse offers many free, mobile-friendly HTML templates.

The designs integrate seamlessly with websites thanks to their page customization features with themes or skins.

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How to choose your landing page creation software?

Choosing your landing page creation software is based on various important criteria to know.

Easy to handle

The first of these obviously lies in the ease of use of the tool.

Indeed, it is wiser to choose software for creating landing pages that is easy to use. In order not to not rely too much on your technical computer skills to design relevant marketing campaign elements.

create landing pages
create landing pages

Many templates available

The success of your landing page also depends largely on the correct arrangement of its blocks. It is therefore essential to choose software that offers different landing page templates.

Features adapted to your actions

Along the same lines, take a good look at the features offered by the software you wish to acquire.

In particular, check if it allows you to carry out A/B Tests or personalize your Internet page as you wish and without too much difficulty.

Pay attention to prices

Finally, before choosing your software to create landing pages, be sure to consult the different prices. To be profitable, you will need to choose software that is adapted to your needs, but also and above all to your budget.

best quote creation software
best quote creation software

We hope that this little information on landing page creation software will help you make the right choice. Make good use of it!