7 Best Free and Paid Logo Maker Software

If you want to discover the best logo design softwareYou are in the right place.

A logo is often the first thing people see on your website, your product, your marketing materials.

Its prominent position and presence on all print and digital media make it a crucial part of your branding process.

However, it is not at all easy to create a logo that represents your brand the way you want, whether technically or even to be inspired to create your own.

Fortunately, many options exist, from vector editing software (figma type) to online logo creation software.

Discover our top 7 best solutions to create your logo online and for free.

What is logo creation software?

A logo creation software As its name suggests, it allows you to create logos for brands and professionals.

While some logos are created using complex designer software like Photoshop or Figma, these days you can create your logo without having any design knowledge.

The main advantage of using logo creation software for your project is the saving of time.

Also, these solutions are often more economical than going through a freelance or in-house designer.

Be careful though, if you want to create a logo and an entire graphic universe, we recommend that you work with a specialist designer!

Top 7 Best Free Logo Design Software

Hatchful (Shopify)

Hatchful free logo design

Hatchful is a Completely free online logo creation tool.
This service is offered by the giant Shopify, the e-commerce specialist.

It works very simply, you answer a multiple choice question, then Hatchful offers you a selection of logos that match your criteria. You can then personalize the chosen logo as you wish and then download it, all completely free ????.

It’s simple and allows you to create a logo in no time.

Can go

Canva logo design software

Canva is a online design and creation tool particularly complete.

In addition to allowing you to create your logo for free, Canva can help you create all your digital content.

Presentations, visuals for social networks, YouTube thumbnails, and so on; you can enjoy hundreds of Canva templates for free.

We highly recommend you to try this great tool.
Canva also has a paid plan, to export your files in better quality, or to have access to more content. (models, etc.)


TailorBrand is a free logo creation software that is very easy to use.

Using this software, you will not need any technical design knowledge.

The operation is very simple, you answer different questions on a form then TailorBrand generates different logos.

You can then simply modify the colors or the font.
The simplicity of use makes it a competitive logo creation tool.

What we also appreciated was the fact that the software shows this logo on different media (business cards, sweatshirts, website) so that we can easily project ourselves if we decide to use it.

Small downside, if you want to download the logo in high quality, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.


Wix, often recognized as a quality CMS, also offers a free logo creation service.

When registering, Wix offers you either to go through a Design or to use their free logo creation software.

By choosing the 2nd option, Wix will ask you different questions to find out your tastes in terms of logo.

The quality of the logos is really interesting and customization is possible (logo, icons, colors). However, there is a charge for exporting your logo.

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FreeLogoDesign is a free online logo creation tool.

The operation is simple, you enter your brand name and your industry then you will have the choice between different predefined models.

You can then customize it to your liking.

You will be able download your logo for free. If you want to get it in high quality, you will have to opt for a paid plan.

This logo creation software is practical but in our opinion offers little choice in models. But that said, it can give interesting ideas!

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Logomaster is an interesting solution if you want to have logo ideas for your business.
This tool works the same as its predecessors, but you can also choose a model from a rather comprehensive list.

Creating the logo is free via the online software, but to download it you will have to purchase it and its usage rights.

99designs (by VistaPrint)

Finally, 99designs has a completely different concept from other software.

99 Designs will allow you to create a detailed brief for the logo you want for your business and will then put you in touch with dozens of designers.

You can then choose the designer you like and get your logo.

Fees must be paid in advance via the platform which takes care of everything else.

Practical if you have a little budget to allocate to the creation of your logo, otherwise we advise you to favor the previous solutions.

What is the best free software for creating a logo?

The best free software for creating a logo will depend on individual needs. Some prefer to use a drag and drop system, others simply prefer to describe their activity and manage a random logo.

However in the best tools to create a logowe find :

  • Can go
  • TailorBrand
  • Hatchful
  • Wix


To create your logo alone, you can use one of the free logo creation software mentioned above in our ranking.

Almost all of them offer a free plan and allow you to create your logo without going through a designer.

All you have to do is register, use the platform, then upload your logo and that’s it!