10 best software to create a free website

In this article, discover the best software to create a website for free.

Nowadays, ensuring your presence on the Internet has become almost essential for a business. In fact, creating a website is the solution to being visible to a greater number of people.

On a personal level, it is also quite common to want to create a blog to share your passion with other Internet users, for example.

These projects are today completely feasible and accessible to as many people as possible thanks to the existence of free website creation software.

These allow users to create the site or blog of their dreams in no time to make a place on the web.

But what is a website creation software and which one to choose to carry out your project successfully?

Here are some answers in this article.

What is website creation software?

A website creation software allows a user who has little or no computer knowledge to create a website easily and completely independently.

Better known as CMS (Content Management System), it allows you to easily design the pages and structure of a site without having to modify the lines of code thanks to the WYSIWIG technology.

There are two types of website creation software.

Some are free and open source.

These tools require a minimum of computer knowledge, particularly with regard to hosting the site on a server.

They nevertheless offer a lot of flexibility to the user and are particularly appreciated by purists. Other website creation software is more accessible to beginners.

They offer a year-round subscription which includes all costs related to website management.

In short, these are turnkey solutions, sometimes quite expensive, which allow you to “rent” a website that you have completely personalized.

These solutions sometimes offer free versions which may be sufficient to carry out your project.

It’s up to you to best determine your expectations and needs to choose the best tool for create your website.


Define your needs

Before starting your search for software to create a website, it is important to define your needs.

What type of website do you want to create based on your activity (showcase site, e-commerce site, blog, etc.)? What are your desired features and services? What is your budget ?

Compare different software specialized in website creation

Once you have defined your needs, you can start comparing the different software available. There are many website creation software available, so it is important to take the time to compare the different offers.

Take advantage of the free software trial period

Most website building solutions offer a free trial period. Take the opportunity to try out different software and see which one suits you best.

Take the time to read user reviews

Once you have selected some interesting software for your business, check out user reviews.

This will allow you to get an idea of ​​the experience of other users. Indeed, this different information can allow you to quickly learn the advantages and areas for improvement of a software.

Google customer reviews

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional

If you still have questions and hesitations, do not hesitate to seek professional advice. A web developer can help you choose the best site creation software based on your needs.

10 best software to create a free website

In the market you can find many free or paid site creation software. Discover our top of the best website creation editors below.



Wix is ​​a free website creation softwarewhich also offers an annual subscription to benefit from additional features.

This tool is known for offering stunning designs and being particularly easy to use. This CMS is ideal if you want to quickly design a beautiful website without having computer and coding skills.

Note, however, that the platform does not offer very accessible customer service and the designs offered remain quite rudimentary if you do not wish to take out a subscription.


This website creation software looks a lot like Wix in terms of functionality.

It is particularly easy to use and allows you to create a website in a very short time.

Zyro offers numerous design templates, but this number remains quite small compared to other CMS. Its advantage lies above all in its SEO functionality.

Indeed, Zyro allows you to design your site with a technical advantage, with the aim of improving your position in search engine results.

This criterion is therefore not negligible if you wish to develop your presence and visibility on the Internet thanks to your website.


wordpress create website

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS on the market.

It is broken down into two sections.

WordPress.org is the open source version of the software.

It allows you to design a website from A to Z. However, it requires some computer skills and code to create a fully personalized site.

Conversely, WordPress.com is a software to create sites internet which comes in the form of subscription.

WordPress HTTPS LeDigitalizeur
WordPress HTTPS LeDigitalizeur

Like the previous tools presented, it allows you to create a site easily and quickly.

If there is a free version, you will still have to pay a certain amount to be able to benefit from certain important features offered by the CMS.

W site

Site W is efficient website creation software that is perfectly suited to beginners.

It is based on the concept of “drag and drop”, which means that you can modulate the blocks of your site, add them or remove them with ease and, again, without having to touch a line of code.

If Site W allows you to design a personalized sitehowever, it does not have many themes, compared to some of the other software on this list.

Also note that the e-commerce functionality is not available in the free version.

Square Space

Square Space is website creation software known for its high-quality e-commerce features.

You can benefit from a free trial and full technical support.

Thanks to its “drag and drop” functionality, Square Space allows you to design a site with impeccable design in no time.

Its weak point unfortunately lies in the absence of a mobile editor, which, today, remains a major disadvantage for a CMS.


This website creation tool is powerful and offers many advanced features.

Unfortunately, it is not suitable for beginners.

Joomla offers nearly 7400 extensions and allows you to quickly create a fully personalized site. Its major advantage lies in the fact that it is possible to create a multilingual and responsive site, that is to say adapted to each screen size from computer to mobile.

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Thanks to its elegant and fully responsive designs, Weebly stands out as one of the best website creation software.

It offers several models suitable for e-commerce and has comprehensive customer service.

Its technology is based on “drag and drop”, which makes its interface particularly intuitive and accessible to beginners.

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Drupal allows you to design multilingual and personalized sites.

It also allows you to organize the content of the site in a relevant way and presents numerous modules for designing simple sites as well as complex sites.

This website creation software is unfortunately not suitable for beginners.

Google Site

Google Site is free website creation software.

It allows you to create and host your site via the Google system.

If you are used to using the Google suite (Gmail, Drive, etc.), this solution may be best suited for you, as it allows you to centralize your data.

Thanks to Google Site, you benefit from 53 themes applicable to your site, but full customization is not available on this CMS.

Finally, note that this website creation software does not offer customer service.

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Webflow is software for creating websites and is the no-code reference.

This website creation tool is certainly one of the most powerful on this list because it allows you to mix CMS and code.

Webflow has numerous extensions and integrations which allow you to interconnect lots of software together and make it a powerful tool.

We hope that this information on best website creation software will be useful to you.

Make good use of it!