10 best live chat software

In this article, you will discover the best live chat software of the market.

When we browse certain websites, it is not uncommon to see a small instant chat window at the bottom of our screens.

This widget is actually connected to live chat software, an essential tool for e-commerce sites at a time when customer relations are at the heart of the concerns of all Internet players.

But what is live chat software really for and which one to choose?

This is what we will discover together in the rest of this article.


  1. What is live chat software?
  2. 10 best live chat software
  3. How to choose your live chat?

What is live chat software?

A online live chat software allows web companies to answer questions from their customers more simply and efficiently.

This type of tool appears in the form of an instant messaging chat window on one or more pages of a website.

A live chat software allows businesses to respond directly to their customers through their own back office.

The use of this type of tool allows, among other things, to improve a user’s experience on the website, by allowing the company to provide clear and rapid responses to its prospects.

10 best live chat software

There are many live chat software on the market, so it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice.

To help you, here is a list of the 10 best live chat software to use on your website.

Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk is live chat software that is one of the most popular tools on the market.

This very comprehensive customer support and quality solution allows you to define predefined responses, with the aim of saving time for customer service teams.

Freshdesk Messaging offers chatbot and agent services. To learn how to use this tool, know that you can benefit from a free trial.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, it is very easy to use and integrate into a CMS.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk chat

Available as a free plan or a paid subscription, Zendesk Chat is the the most developed live chat software on this list.

In addition to having an intuitive interface, Zendesk Chat can be used via API, which allows technical teams to create personalized scenarios.

This customer service software offers many high-quality features and also offers you the option of using a chatbot or using the services of one or more agents.

Please note that it is also possible to organize agents into teams according to their skills to best meet the expectations of your customers.

This is a powerful and very useful tool, especially if you work for a large company.

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Livechat is a live chat software which has existed since 2002 and offers many features.

Its elegant design and complementary support service make it a complete and reliable customer service software. LiveChat offers different monthly subscription plans that adapt to your needs.



Userlike is a online live chat software particularly useful if your site is multilingual.

Indeed, this messaging software is equipped with a chatbot and allows you to communicate in seven different languages.

Note that it also offers an unlimited number of chats.

Its servers are based in Germany and therefore offer you additional security regarding the use of personal data.


Crisp live chat

Crisp is live chat software developed in France.

It features an intuitive interface and comprehensive features.

Its chat widget is neat and fits perfectly into the design of a well-designed website.

It can be easily integrated with different CRMs, such as Zapier, Salesforce or Hubspot, for example.

This live chat software is available in a free version, through which you can exploit its basic functionalities.


Olark is a customer service solution and scalable live chat.

It has the significant advantage of having teams dispersed around the world.

If you choose this customer service software, you will always have someone at your disposal to meet your expectations.

Its major advantage lies in automating chat and sending specific messages when someone visits a certain page of the site.

If you have an international site, know that you can also hide the chat for certain geographic areas.

Finally, Olark is available in a free version, but with reduced functionality. However, you can test the paid version thanks to a free trial period.

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Thanks to Smartsupp, you will be able to analyze the statistics of your live chats.

Indeed, this online live chat software records the actions of your prospects, in order to help you optimize your site.

This feature is part of the standard paid subscription, the price of which is €15 per month.

Also note that in this formula, you benefit from the services of three agents to respond to your customers’ requests on your site.


Hubspot Chat has many features that you can easily pair with other Hubspot tools.

This live chat software allows you to benefit from both the services of a chatbot, but also those of an agent. The chat window is customizable, to best integrate with the design of your site.

Finally, note that you can also use Hubspot Chat to send automatic responses to the questions most frequently asked by Internet users on your site.

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Happyfox is a highly developed customer support tool specialized in ticketing and communications management.

Indeed, among the main functionalities, we find:

  • Livechat
  • Automated ticketing system
  • Centralization of all inbound communications via integrations

Happyfox is a perfect tool for managing the customer service of a large company with many entry points, however if you are an SME we would rather recommend a solution like Crisp.


Intercom is a very advanced live chat software.

Indeed, Intercom goes much further than a simple online chat tool but also allows you to manage all your customer communications, newsletters, email automation, support, etc.

The main functionalities include:

  • Push messenger tool
  • Cat box
  • Product tour
  • Email automation

Intercom is very well known in the field of startups and is one of the most used solutions.

In terms of price, Intercom has a plan to start at €67/month for small businesses, then the price is personalized.


Each e-commerce tool must be chosen carefully.

A live chat software is no exception, especially because it allows you to interact directly with your customers.

First, determine your level of skills in integrating and handling your CMS or CRM.

Then analyze your needs and the essential criteria that your future customer service software must meet.

We also recommend that you define your objectives in advance.

Are you looking for a customer service tool capable of directly responding to your target’s expectations or rather an intermediary between your prospects and your customer service team?

Finally, it is essential to determine your budget before choosing your chat software.

If some of them present a trial version, it remains essential to calculate the expenses that the use of this type of tool can generate for your company in the medium and long term.

We hope that this little information on live chat software will be useful to you. All you have to do is make the right choice!